Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Big Plans (Prayers Needed!)

Alright, I told you all a few days ago to stay tuned for some big life news. Well, it's time to hear it.

This summer, July 11th-25th, my church is going to the Philippines on a mission trip. Usually I don't go for mission trips much because my church seems to pick trips that are medicine involved (which I know nothing about) or house building/labor intensive trips (which I would be no help with). However, this time is different.

This trip is to go and work with Little Children of the Philippines. I would be spending two weeks spending time with preschoolers (teaching them and playing with them), elementary school aged children (taking them out to lunch and playing with them) and high school/college aged children (teaching them English). I would also spend a couple days visiting sponsored children of church members and friends we know. If I go, I would have a very special child to visit.

Sounds great right?!

Well, here's the catch...

I just started working at my job less than a year ago. For the first two years that I work here, I get, at most, 50 hours of paid leave at a time. To go on this trip, I would need to have 100 hours off of work. For a week, I've beens stewing and worrying about going into my supervisor and asking her if this trip will be possible. I've been praying for understanding, for God to move mountains in my, sometimes not so positive and willing, supervisor.

Today, I asked her. First, she said no. Flat out no. I pushed her a little bit and asked why not. She told me that unless I work 37 hours a week, I would lose my benefits plan for the whole year and she wouldn't want that to happen to me. Well, then I informed her that I am not currently enrolled in the benefits plan (I am only 22 and I'm still milking my family insurance plan for awhile until I become more financially stable. Also, this may have been God's plan, having me drop my benefits.) Anyway, after I told her this, she responded with, "Well, this might work."


She is going to discuss the mission trip with her supervisor, the director of the school. They will then go discuss it with HR to see if this would be possible.

I'm pretty terrifed to be rocking the boat like this the very first year of my "big girl job", but I'm feeling confident in God's will at the same time.

If you could join me in praying for God to move mountains, I would appreciate it.

I would love for this to work out.

A Sunday school class at The Little Children of the Philippines. I want to lead this class!


  1. So excited to see how your adventure untolds. Will definitely be praying! Our God is able to do more than we can dear to imagine!!!

    1. Thank you for your prayers! It means a lot to me. I will keep you updated!

  2. Sounds like an amazing thing just might be happening for you this summer! Praying that it all works out!

    1. I sure hope so! I just can't stop thinking about this trip. I talked to my mom on the phone for a half hour tonight and we both talked about it as if I was definitely going, planning out how we would talk to each other, what I would be doing, visiting sponsored children. I sure hope these aren't just too big dreams.

  3. This sounds so awesome! I will be praying that it will work out for you. For the last 6 months I have really felt God leading me to do some kind of mission work in the Philippines and I may be going there over the summer to work at a home for children rescued from the sex trade. We shall see were God leads!! Hugs and prayers!!

    1. Look at us both being called to the Philippines! I hope that it works out for both of us! I'll be praying for you too!

  4. Oh my goodness!! I am so excited for you!!! I'll most definitely be praying that God will work this all out for you!!