Friday, February 3, 2012

Is It Easter Already?, it's not. However, it is in two months. That makes this week the perfect time to get those Easter letters sent out. Even though I'm sending them out two months early, my kiddo in Sierra Leone probably still won't get it in time. Mail seems to take about three months each way, which can get a little annoying, I must admit. It's so hard to develop a relationship when we're still talking about Christmas in March, Easter in June, and the start of school in January. You get the idea. are the letters I'm sending out.

Abu and my Compassion kiddos will be getting these things. I've since altered a little bit, I cut the stickers down a lot so I could fit them in the envelope and use them to decorate the paper I wrote on, but can get the idea of everything. That coloring page is also fuzzy. How fun is that?! I love Oriental Trading Company. Things for every theme you can think of, and for such good prices. 

My Xhuliano lives in Albania, which is a sensitive country. Most of the people are Muslim and I am not able to send anything related to Christianity until I figure out if my child's family is Christian or not. Even then, I have to be extra careful as to not put Xhuliano and his family in danger. So, I sent him a letter about the secular side of Easter. I told him about dyeing eggs and hiding them throughout the house for the kids to find. I told him about the Easter Bunny leaving candy. I think it's a fun letter! I hope he likes it. 

Are you sending Easter letters this year? If so, I would love to hear about them. 

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  1. At our Compassion Sponsor Letter Writing Night last week, we prepared our Easter projects for our kids. It is a bit of a challenge to be thinking about holidays 2 to 3 months before they happen! But it sure is fun to put these packets together for our kids. :o)