Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Another Round of Letters

I can't seem to slow myself down in the letter writing process. However, I think that's a good thing! I absolutely love to write to my sponsored children and I am hoping that they enjoy receiving, reading, and learning from my letters as much as I like writing them.

This time, I chose to tell each of my sponsored children about my trip to Chicago to visit my friend. I told them all about ice skating, taking pictures in the giant "bean", and about Lego Land. I included pictures of all of all these songs.

That Batman, Woody, and Giraffe are made out of legos! I can barely make a car!

This month, I am also sending Kalpesh a special collection of things for his 10th birthday.

He will be receiving a letter, stickers, paint pages, a birthday card, and a postcard that lists all of the names for Jesus in the bible. I am excited for him to receive this. I hope it gets there by April 24th!


  1. Looks like Kalpesh got some awesome stuff for his Birthday! Very cool! :D

    1. I like making birthdays a big deal for my sponsored kiddos. In many countries, especially in Muslim/Hindu cultures, birthdays aren't celebrated at all and celebrations are actually looked down on, even though some families have private celebrations. I hope he loves the things he receives.