Friday, February 24, 2012

Pretty Or Ugly?

I went onto the internet today and on my homepage (MSN) there was a link to a story about preteen and teenage girls.

These girls (thousands of them) have posted youtube videos asking the world if they think they are pretty or ugly. Most of them talk about how they think they are ugly, fat, eyes not right, hair not right, etc.

Here are a couple examples:

Now don't get wrong...I am indeed a young woman. Many times in my life (like most girls and women), I have woken up in the morning and been unstatisfied about how I look. I've disliked my size, my acne, my eye color, and my boring hair. However, most days I feel really good about myself. I am certainly not the best looking girl out there, but I know that I am created by God, in his image, exactly the way I am. I am exactly how God wants me to look. He created me exactly how he wanted me to be.

I am feeling awful for these girls. They are insecure enough about themselves to make a video of themselves and ask complete strangers to tell them how they look. People on the internet (and especially youtube) are cruel! Of course people are going to tell them they are ugly, call them horrible names, and make their self esteem even worse. It's certainly going to be hard to fight cyber bullying if these girls are going to set themselves up to fail like this.

Can you join me in praying for these girls? 

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, it's definitely something to pray about. This makes me so sad...