Thursday, February 23, 2012

First Letter From Xhuliano!!!

Letter day is always the best day ever! Especially the day you get your very first letter from a child. Amazing.

What's even more amazing is how fantastic sponsorship in Albania is. My friend Kelly told me about how great it was. She told me that the whole family gets invovled, the letters are FULL of details and love. She told me how much I would feel loved and feel love from and for this family. She was absolutely right!

What's even MORE amazing is that Albania is a recipricol letter writing country. I will get a letter for every letter that I write him. I write him a lot, so we're going to be pen pals!

Without furuther ado, here is the letter. I will bold the parts that I like the most.

Dear Friend!

It's Xhuliano writing this letter to you. I was very happy receiving your letter. Even my family and my cousins got happy about your letter. We sat down around together and read it. We liked all your thoughts and the sentences there that were written with great sweetness towards me and my family. I'm very glad to have now such a nice friend like you. I like your name a lot, Kayla. I even like the place where you live, your family, and your younger sister.

I live in a coastal country. It is full of greeness and the fields are planted with olive, orange, and lemon trees. I really like your profession and I like to become a doctor. Green is the color I like most. Lion is the animal I like a lot. My favorite food is grits with turkey that we eat celebrating New Year's Eve.

My family is composed of five people. My mother is unemployed, but she cooks, cleans, and washes our clothes for us. My father works in construction. I have got two sisters; Stelina is attending the third grade or school and likes to become a teacher. My other sister is named Marcela and she is two years old. She spends most her time playing with her toys.

I like that your younger sister is spending her free time playing sports. I enjoy playing sports in my free time too. We have got two pets. My cat is named Gisika and my dog is named Tom.

Hope to receive a letter from you very soon! I wish you luck in your life.

Your friend,


  1. Wow - that is alot of information! How cool! I look forward to reading about how your relationship with him grows!

    1. I know! It's a completely different dynamic and relationship than I have with my other World Vision child, who mostly talks about the weather and school in his letters.

  2. Very nice letter! Sounds like a sweet young man. I look forward to seeing your relationship develop :)

    1. I'm excited to see where our relationship goes too!

  3. Letter day sounds beautiful!