Sunday, April 2, 2017

First Sunday Advocate: April 2017

Another month has come and gone. It's time to share with you a list of kids that are waiting for a sponsor. As you can see on my sidebar, I write to many children around the world. As soon as I am connected with a child, I am also connected to the project that that child attends. There are almost always children at these same projects that are waiting for sponsors of their own. My heart really reaches out to these kids and I post some of these children on my blog each month, in the hopes that they will fine a sponsor. Each month, I choose something fun (boys, girls, clothing color, etc) to sort these kids by.

This month, I chose to share children that all have beautiful smiles on their faces. For each child listed, under their picture, I have included age, name, country, and in parentheses, the child I have at that same project. You can find that child in my sidebar, click on their photo, and be taken to all of the blog entries about that child. There, you can read letters from that child in order to get a better insight into what life is like where those children live. Most of the children also have project/pastor letters for even more information about the project.

Each line of information is also a link to that particular child's page. You can click on that link to learn more about the child's family, interests, schooling, and to officially sponsor that child.

Here are the children looking for a sponsor this month:

Smiley Sunairy has been sponsored! 

Precious Yared also has a sponsor! 

Sweet Dixi has a sponsor now, as well!