Friday, April 28, 2017

Letters from Central America

I have been trying to figure out a way to sort out and blog all of the letters I've been receiving lately. I came up with taking out a few letters from a specific region. I have the largest collection of letters from Central America, so that seemed like a good place to start. So, here are some letters from my kiddos who in that region. I am going to list the letters in the order that I received them. The letters span for a few weeks ago to today.

First up, a letter from Ayling. She wrote a great letter, responding to several questions that I asked her about where she lives. I am happy to have all of these answers!

Ayling is 10 years old and lives in Nicaragua. Her letter is dated February 20th, 2017.


Esteemed Sponsor Kayla, 

I hope you are in good health when you receive this letter, in union with your family. I thank you for your sponsorship and your beautiful letters. I live with my mom, my cousins, and my uncles. My house is made of bricks and I sleep with my mom in a bedroom. We sleep in separate beds and we have electricity. I want to share with you that Compassion gives talks about violence, drugs, and how we can avoid them. They also do teeth cleanings. There are 367 children in the project and I like to learn about God. I am in the 5th grade. My favorite subject is social studies and math is difficult for me. We wear uniforms, a blue skirt and a white blouse. My best friend is Flavia. Our recess last 30 minutes. We still don't have computers at school. I want you to pray for me and my family. I will be praying for you and I want to ask you, what activities do you do in your free time? I hope to hear from you again. I say goodbye with affection. 



Now, a letter from Carlos. What a lovely young man he is. I just can't say enough good things about him.

Carlos is 16 years old and lives in Honduras. He wrote this letter on April 5th, 2017.


Hello Dear Kayla, 

How is your health? I am in good health. I want to tell you about my pastimes and pets. My favorite pastime is to play soccer with my brother. I also like to play with others. My favorite animals are dogs and mine are named Espot and Jaster. I want to tell you that I received your letter and I read that you don't have children and you trust that someday God is going to give you children. You just have to have faith. Your job is very nice work because you work with children. It is a great blessing for you. Bowling is a nice sport. I enjoyed looking at the picture of the children. I want to tell you that we had a medical checkup at the project and I am well. What is your favorite pet? I ask you to always pray for me and my family and I will be praying for you. I say goodbye with joy and affection. So long! 



I have another letter from Honduras to share today, as well. This time, from Celeste. She left this letter off with such a cliffhanger! I am so eager to write back and learn about her birthday surprise was! 

Celeste is 15 years old. Her letter was also written on April 5th, 2017. 


Hello Dear Sponsor Kayla, 

I hope you are in good health. I feel happy to hear from you again. I feel happy to write to you again. It is good to hear of your grandfather's birthday. I am glad that you went to visit him because you had not seen him since 5 years ago. Your family is beautiful. I guess the best present for your grandfather is to have his family close. My family and I are in good health. Thank you very much for your letter. The message and the verses are beautiful. The coldest weather here is in December. The snow pictures are very beautiful. We finished a week of exams in high school. Next week, we will go to the fair. I have good grades. I am the most intelligent in the classroom. On April 12th, I will reach 15 years old. I feel happy to reach that important day. My family has a surprise for me and I want to know what it is. 

With Much Love,


To end today's series, a letter from Joel. It seems like there is some big excitement happening in his family! What an exciting opportunity for his older sister. 

Joel is 16 years old and lives in Mexico. His letter is dated February 18th, 2017. 


Hello Dear Sponsor,

In this letter, I am going to tell you a bit about what is going on. Everything has been going well up to today. Everything is quiet where I live. I am in the 4th semester of high school and my sister is in college. She is studying gastronomy. To make her dream come true, she has to go to France and now she has gotten the opportunity. I hope she makes the best of it. I would like to become a lawyer. If God wills, I will do it. I would also like to be a photographer and work for a company like National Geographic. I would like to know beautiful places. Please pray for my sister, my parents, and me. I would like to ask you, what do you look like? How is the place you live in? How old are you? I want to thank you for being my friend. 



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