Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Letters to My Kids: March 2017

I had plans last month to write to all of my kids 2 times and my newest kids a 3rd time. Well, that didn't quite happen. I seemed to have run out of month.

But, I did write to all of them at least once. Many kids got a 2nd letter. And then I received and replied to 39 letters last month! So, my kids were certainly not neglected, when it comes to letters.

Every child of mine got a short card talking about our final snow of winter. I took the children I nanny for outside to play in the snow and sent my Compassion kids some fun photos of the kids all bundled up, throwing snow and sliding around. Here is the short letter I sent:

Every once in awhile, I send lists of questions to my kids. You have probably seen these letters in the past. I have the lists of questions saved to my computer so that I can be sure each child receives every list over the span of me writing to them. I keep track of who has received which list, so that I don't send them again (though, I suppose I could always send them again and see how answers change). Anyway, there were about 15 kids that had no yet received this list of random questions, so I sent it to them. As well as asking the questions, I also answer them myself in the letter, so that they know more about me. 

Like I said earlier in the post, I also responded to 39 letters that were written to me. So, I suppose there are some lucky kiddos that got three letters written to them this month! 

What did you write about in March? 

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  1. Stealing these questions for April, these are great!

    For March, I wrote about the RunDisney race I ran in late February. :)