Monday, July 4, 2016

Project Director Letter: HO-416

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

Today, I share the director letter from project HO-416, which is where two of my Honduran littles, Nahomy and Jairo attend. This project just opened last year and it is a wonderful place for the kids! A group of sponsors visited the project last summer and they said the staff at this project are so loving and great with the kids.

This project is located in a very poor area of Honduras, in a rural area. When Compassion got to the area, they found that most children were very small for their age, due to malnutrition. I am so grateful for Compassion coming to this community!

This letter to sponsors was written shortly after the project opened, so the letter part is out of date. I can assure you, me and the other sponsors (I know several of them) have written a ton since then! :)


Dear Kayla, 

I thank God for your life and that of your family. 

I am Merlin Noel Lopez Acosta. I am the project director of the Child Development Center attended by your sponsored children, at the Church of God, Life of Faith Ministry in the region of Azacualpa, Santa Barbara, Honduras. 

Actual Photo of HO-416

Thank you for sponsoring Jairo and Nahomy. 

I want to share the story of a child who is 8 years old. He had behavioral problems. He was very aggressive with other children and some teachers told us that he had bad behavior also at school. He was a bit disobedient and very impulsive. They recommended us to monitor him closely and help him in his education. They no longer knew which method to use to help him. Now his mother is happy. She says that he has attended the center and she has seen an improvement in his behavior. Now he has a better relationship with other children, after developing in the socio-emotional area. 

With regards to the spiritual area, he now shows more respect for things related to God. Nowadays, he has control of his behavior. His teacher has made him the leader to monitor the behavior of his peers, which has helped him a lot. 

One aspect of the center that has a big impact on our children has been their diet. Most children do not have a good diet at home. There are children who, during the day, do not eat three meals because their families are poor. For the children, it is great joy to be able to have those meals here in the center. 

It is important to know that the children of our center are praying for God to touch the hearts of people from other countries so they can sponsor them and help them succeed. 

Regarding the child-sponsor relationship, the children have still not received letters from their sponsors because we are a new center. We are in the process of the children acquiring their sponsors. 

Some children are already writing letters to their sponsors. They are very happy because they are writing to the person who will help them in their development in the coming years. Other children had the experience of writing the introduction letter to their sponsors. When doing so, they were very excited because they were writing to a person from another country who someday will read their letter and will sponsor them. They show great happiness when we tell them that one day their sponsor will answer their letter and help them in their development. 

My inspirations to keep working in the center are God and the children in my community. It motivates me to know I'm contributing to the formation of many lives, who in the future will be people leading our church and community. I hope to do my best in this work. With the help of God and other people involved I'm sure this ministry will succeed. 

We ask you to help us pray to God that all children in our center can have a sponsor. With sponsors' help, our children can have a better development and in the future, have more opportunities in life. 

Thanks, again, for sponsoring Jairo and Nahomy. Our church and our community are very grateful to you for the help you provide for the development of our children. We expect God to pour many blessings on your life and on the lives of your family. May God always bless you. 

Merlin Noel Lopez Acosta


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