Monday, April 11, 2016

Project Director Letter: BO-370

Happy Monday! It's time to read another letter from one of my kids' projects! This time, we hear from BO-370, which is the project that my boy Jhon attends.

Onto the letter!


Dear Kayla, 

I am grateful to God that I greet you with the holy peace of our Lord and desire that you succeed in your jobs at the service of our Lord. 

I am Mario Diaz, member of El Redentor church and current Director of the Child Development Center in the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia where your sponsored child attends. Thank you for sponsoring Jhon. 

Through this letter, I want to express my sincere thanks to all the sponsors who have been helping us in sponsoring our children, for your unconditional support and great love for them. Without your help, we would not have achieved the results we have achieved until this day, as we've been able to changes minds with biblical principles and to get the children out from their spiritual and economic poverty so they're not self-sufficient and healthy people. 

I want to tell you a testimony of a girl who is 15 years old, in whom we have seen the results that have been achieved with excellence in all four areas of development (physical, cognitive, spiritual, and socio-emotional). This child is the best student in her school. She has developed the gift God gave her to be able to teach in Sunday school in our church. In the same way, she is part of the group of girls that play the tambourine during church services. She is physically healthy. Not too long ago, we held medical check-ups and she is in excellent conditions. She relates to all her classmates at the center in a healthy way and she is always willing to help in the service of our Lord. 

I also want to tell another testimony of another 10 year old girl, who is very outgoing, friendly, and ready to serve (thanks to the work we do in the socio-emotional area). She goes to Sunday school in church and is part of the activities. She is also physically healthy and with good grades in school, thanks to the school support we give her at the center. 

I am very satisfied to see that these girls have had many achievements in the center and grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to be part of their growth. 

I want you to know that when a child receives a letter from his/her sponsor, it is as if the child received a gift from a family member, because to the children, a sponsor is part of their family. They don't feel alone or unprotected, and they believe that there is someone who cares for them and their needs, besides God. 

I thank God for the opportunity He gave me to work with children and that He allowed me to use my potential to contribute toward the training of each child. This inspires me to achieve the expected results with more excellence and to affirm children on the rock that is Jesus Christ and fulfill the Great Commission (to go to the whole world and preach the Gospel). 

We ask you for your prayers for all of our children who have needs and face risky circumstances, and especially for our teenagers who are being bombarded by gangs. The more we want to bring them to church, other things come up that harm their lives. 

Thank you again for sponsoring Jhon. I also thank you for your prayers as they have been heard by our Lord. We are very happy that we have established our center in the church with more strength, with the collaboration and support of the committee and our beloved Pastor. 

I say goodbye to you, wishing you many blessings and rewards of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are forever grateful for you unwavering support. 

Sincerely Yours, 
Mario Diaz



  1. I always love reading confirmation from Compassion staff or others involved in the ministry that to a sponsor child's family, their sponsor IS family. I used to have a friend who did not get that, and terminated her sponsorships because some misguided person convinced her that her sponsor kids were living in shame and embarrassment for having assistance like that. Every time I read those words, I want to wave them in her face!

    1. I have heard things like that too and I don't understand that. People in poverty don't choose to live in poverty and sure don't want to stay living that way. I think most families are happy to accept the help from Compassion. I am a mother (but hope to be someday) and I think that any parent will do anything they can to give their child at a chance at a good life. Accepting outside help so their child can get an education, healthcare, and a safe place to play sounds like a good deal to me. Who knows, maybe these kids will grow up and be able to support themselves and maybe even their own sponsored child!

  2. I just love the project director's passion for the kids!! And as a mom, I agree that you want what is best for your kids and I love when friends and family members are able to help our kids in ways my husband and I can't afford!! Like my brothers paying for our son's soccer or church helping cover expenses for activities for the kids.

  3. I just noticed that Abu is gone from your sidebar. I hope everything is okay....

    1. Everything fine with Abu. However, things were not going well with his country office. I wasn't hearing from him and was having to put in lots of inquiries for things. This has been happening years and sadly, I've lost my patience.

    2. Everything fine with Abu. However, things were not going well with his country office. I wasn't hearing from him and was having to put in lots of inquiries for things. This has been happening years and sadly, I've lost my patience.

    3. I hear you. That's actually why I stopped sponsoring with Compassion (that, and a few other things). It just wasn't working and seemed pretty pointless.