Monday, April 25, 2016

Project Director Letter: HO-348

I can't believe that it's already the last week in April. Where has the time gone?!

Anyway, it's time to share another letter, this time from Honduras, project 348, which is where my girl Celeste attends. I've met her project director face to face and she is a wonderful woman! I have never been to the project, but I can imagine how wonderfully things are run.


Dear Kayla,

It is an honor for me to greet you and wish you and your loved ones rich and abundant blessings. I hope the peace of the Lord fills you at all times. My name is Fany Jackeline Murillo Contreras. I am the Project Director of the Child Development Center that ministers to your sponsored child called Toward a New Life at Philadelphia Church. We are located in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. I greatly thank God and Compassion International for giving me the opportunity to express my most sincere gratefulness for you for sponsoring Celeste. The Lord has used your life in a powerful way. The Lord will reward you abundantly for everything you have sown in the kingdom of heaven. God is a just and faithful God. 

Actual Photo of HO-348

We do many events and activities here which shape the children and educated them for a better life. We are slowly marking their lives in order to change their sadness into smiles, their cries into joy, and their hopelessness into hope. They receive gifts, medical support, food, and trips. They are greatly blessed. We have children of poor resources whose moms are single or who come from broken homes where they lack love. 

As a staff member, I feel very happy for everything we have achieved. We still have many things to do. There is a great need for Jesus in our community. We do not get tired of sowing the good seed of his word every day. Our vision is to have a generation that knows the Lord as the father that he is. He wants us to know him like our father. We hope they find the father that they have not had and they can love him, honor him, and serve him with all their hearts. 

It is exciting to see the faces of the children as their joy overflows when they receive a letter from their sponsors. To know there is someone far away who loves them and thinks of them is the best feeling for them. When they don't receive letters for a long time, they get somewhat sad - but they never lose hope of receiving another letter. 

I am inspired to continue working for this generation because I see that they have hope in Jesus. I know they will rise as great leaders and will make a difference in our community. Help us to keep this flame alive so they can shine brighter with love. Please continue praying for them and their families. Pray for all the staff members who work with love, passion, and faith. We believe our work is not in vain. Pray for our beautiful country. We believe the Lord will make great and wonderful things. 

I say goodbye and I thank you for everything. Thank you again for sponsoring Celeste. I want to remind you that we always pray for you. God is in control of everything in your life. Have faith. May the Lord give you the peace only he can give. Wait on his provision. Even though I don't know you, I love with the love of the Lord. Thank you! God bless you! 

Fany Jackeline Murillo Contreras 


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  1. How neat that you met Celeste's project director! Maybe someday you'll be able to visit the project.