Monday, April 18, 2016

Project Director Letter: IN-389

It's time for another project director letter! Whoo hoo! Today, we hear about the project that my boy Solomon attends in India. This letter is a long one!


Dear Kayla, 

Greetings from India. I am Dr. S and I serve as Project Manager of the Child Development Center in Bangalore, which is attended by your sponsored child. Thank you for sponsoring Solomon. We are very grateful to you for your sacrificial love and faithfulness in sponsorship. It is a great blessing for the child, his family, the community, and the church. 

I would like to share with you the outcome of two children from our center. 

There was a girl child who felt very shy to talk to others; both the other children and the staff. Most of the time she likes to be silent, though she makes gestures of happiness and supportive cooperation with her peers. This was discussed in the staff meeting and particularly with the Child Development Facilitator in charge, and her family members. It was found out that her immediate elder sister was born mute and that communication in their house was mostly nonverbal; hence she developed the same kind of behavior and preferred to be silent, but was otherwise normal with her peers. Discussion with her class teacher in the local school revealed that she was friendly with others and cooperative, but largely quiet. 

More personal attention, exercises in talking, and repetition of words, numbers, and alphabet letters has helped her to gradually improve her behavior. She is also given opportunities to sing with her peers, read Scripture, and recite prayers. She attempts to pray in her local dialect for her family and friends. She is improving in her school performance. We appreciate and thank God for her gradual transformation in her personal life; a significant and apparent growth in her socio-emotional and spiritual life. We are happy for this transformation because it is due to the opportunities she gained in the center. 

There is a boy who is 19 years old who has now completed Industrial Training. He is now getting trained in basic computer skills including hardware. In the center, he has always been a good and regular student and grown in values and behavior. Coming from a very needy family where both the parents are daily wage earners, having two younger sisters, he showed a lot of commitment in his studies and personal life habits. His parents are very happy that very soon their son would become an earning adult member to share their family's financial burdens, and also would take responsibility to support his sisters' education, thereby getting them married would become easy as per their family requirements. He is very supportive in youth activities and attends church regularly as a good example for his peers and his friends. All the staff are very happy about him and look forward for his very best future. We feel very happy to see the children getting molded as they grow up in the center and become responsible, godly adults. 

Our children love to receive letters from their sponsors. It is an excitement for them. There is more excitement when they receive a family photo of their sponsor. They are curious what their sponsor will look like. Some of the sponsors have intimate concern; inquiring always in the letters about the welfare of the family members of the child. In that way, the child feels very special. Thank you for writing to your child whenever you can. 

The greatest inspiration for us to continue work in the center is because of great help for the poorest of the poor in our community. Children can continue their education or else they would have had to discontinue their studies as they cannot afford them. 

Thank you so much for your great support and love for Solomon. God bless you and your family. 

Yours in His Mission, 
Dr. S.



  1. Wow! Such detail in the examples of the two kids. I love how they pointed out that some sponsors have personal interest in the kids and that it's a good thing!!

    1. I like to think that that part of the letter is about me. Haha. I always ask my kids about their siblings and parents. Though, I'm sure other sponsors do the same thing. :)