Saturday, October 17, 2015

Step Into My World: Southeastern Dominican Republic

Again, I missed a Saturday post. Now, I'm officially out of Saturdays to miss, if I hope to finish these by the end of the year. I really want to get all of these pictures and all of this information down, because I think Compassion updates these pages every year.

Anyway, let's travel to a brand new country (in this series). Let's head to the Dominican Republic and learn more about the Southeastern region.

I have two children in this country:

Carolin and Enmanuel 

Both of my children live in the city of Santo Domingo, which is the capital city.  

Communities in this region are typically very crowded neighborhoods, in near slum-like conditions in some places. Homes here are typically made out of scrap materials like planks of wood and metal sheets. Though neighborhoods here are very poor, the communities are known to be very tight-knit, looking out for each other and helping each other, when able. 

Like in many other countries throughout the world, clean water is not the norm. These shack type homes do not have running water, so water must be bought or carried from a long distance. Carrying water is a chore that falls to the women and the children of the house. Carrying water is a chore that takes up many hours a day, leaving children exhausted, often causing them to miss school. Unfortunately, the drinking water is often filthy, being used for laundry and swimming, as well as for drinking. 

Compassion is truly moving mountains in these poor communities. Enrolled children receive many benefits, that often would not be available to them, due to their parents low income. A big problem in the Dominican Republic is the high drop out rate from school. Young teens are often forced to quit school to work and earn money for their families. This causes a cycle of uneducated, poor workers, that continues from generation to generation. Compassion is working to end this cycle, by providing children with money and supplies to attend school. After school, Compassion also teaches lessons at the project, to supplement each child's education. 

For the teenagers that have dropped out of school and are unable to return or who have decided not to return, Compassion is helping out them, as well. They offer many classes to these teens and young adults to help them learn valuable skills and trades, to give them a better chance at finding a good job later in life. 

But, it isn't all work and no play here! Baseball is a HUGE sport in the Dominican Republic and Compassion wasn't about to let that opportunity slide by. Compassion organizes baseball teams at the projects. This gives the children opportunities to learn teamwork, get exercise, and just have fun! 

After all that studying and exercise, a kid is bound to get hungry, right? Each time a child visits the project, they are provided with a healthy meal to ensure good nutrition and a full tummy. 

Of course, the children are also taught about our awesome God and how loved they truly on. Children are given time to sing praise and worship songs, hear bible stories, and to pray together. 

Compassion in the Southeastern region of the Dominican Republic have the following prayer requests for their children and families: 

- Pray that families will understand the importance of their child's education to end the cycle of poverty. 

- Pray that caregivers will find steady employment and not have to send their children out to work. 

- Pray that assisted children will stay in school and be successful in their studies. 

- Pray that families will be strengthened and stay together in loving, supportive relationships. 

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