Saturday, October 31, 2015

Four Letters to End October

I know Saturday is typically Step Into My World day, but I wanted to share my last letters of October on the last day of October. We will travel to a new country together tomorrow. Be sure to check back for more information about Tanzania!

I was happy to find four cream envelopes in my mailbox. You should should me when I get happy mail. I live in a basement apartment and the mailbox are upstairs (as in most apartment buildings). When I open my little box and see Compassion cream or World Vision orange, I do a little happy dance next to the mailboxes. Then I practically fly down the stairs to get back to my apartment to tear open the letters. I've been a sponsor for 7 years and getting mail never gets old. It's always such a joy!

Like as (because I like things in order) I'll share the letters from youngest child to the oldest.

First up, a letter from little Carolin. I just heard from her last month, so it was great to hear from here again so soon. A few of the questions were on the My Friends template and then her tutor helped her write a message.

Carolin is 3 years old and lives in the Dominican Republic. Her letter is dated August 27th, 2015.


Activities I do with my friends: Eating ice cream

My best friend is: A girl

My best friend is special because: She loves to share

I met my best friend at: The project center

Hello dear Kayla, 

May God's grace and peace be with you and your family. It's the wish of the child to ask: How are you and your family? She and her family are fine, thank God. She thanks you for the letter you sent her. She and her parents live together. She likes to eat a lot and is attending preschool. She prays for you and says goodbye with love. 


Next up, a letter from Khushi. This is the 2nd letter from her this month! She certainly loves to write! 

Khushi is 11 years old and lives in India. Her letter was written September 9th, 2015. 


My dear friend Kayla, 

Greetings from India! I hope you are very well. I am doing good and my study in class 8 is going well. I have received so many letters from you! It's so wonderful to hear many things from you. You are my very good and loving friend. Thank you very much. We had many festivals and programs during the last two months. We had our 69th Independence Day, then Rakshabandhan, which is a festival of brothers and sisters. Then Teacher's Day which was just celebrated a few days ago. My family is so good and thankful that I can learn many things and grow as a nice woman, through the child care project. I like the winter season which is about to start. My elder sister Rinka has finished 12th grade and going to start college. My father is working there in the city. My mother is now well. Very soon, my yearly exams are starting. I hope I will get good marks. I like painting and drawing. I help my family with kitchen help and cleaning. I will also pray for you. I love you, my friend. 

Your Friend,


Now, I will share a letter from Sandesh. Sadly, the English translation for this letter is pretty poor. The sentences are incomplete and the grammar is rough, but I can still understand the gist of the letter, so I guess all is well. Instead of typing out exactly what the letter says, I'm going to edit it a bit into complete sentences with correct grammar for this blog post. 

Sandesh is 11 years old and lives in India. This letter is dated July 21st, 2015. 


Dear Kayla, 

He read your story about when you accepted Christ. Jesus helped you. He liked to hear about the broomball game you played. He also, like you, likes singing worship song, praying, and learning about God. He was surprised to hear about sequoia trees because they are the largest trees in the world. We have to trust Jesus to be our foundation, to protect us. If you read John 15:5 you will be blessed more and more. Sandesh goes to church every Sunday. He prays at church and he knows that God will leave with him. He likes your photo. He loves you so much. 

He liked your story about the purple sheep and the king. In our project, there is a child name Aman. He didn't like to play with other children after school. After awhile, we all learned why he is not playing after school. After school he is making clay pots at home and they are very beautiful. He is a very talented child, like in your story. He loves you very much. 


Lastly, a letter from Jhonrex. This guy has had some rough times in the last couple of years. He fell into a bad crowd and ended up dropping out of school because his friends peer pressured him into it. I wrote a few letters encouraging him in the importance of education. It seems that his Compassion project had been doing the same thing because he re-enrolled into school before my letters would have reached him. In this letter, he's also talking about my friend Ali, who is expecting a baby (only a couple weeks to go!). 

Jhonrex is 14 years old and lives in the Philippines. This letter was written on July 19th, 2015. 


Dear Miss Kayla, 

Hello. I hope you're okay there. Thank you for all your letters you sent to me and also for the stickers. Thanks for all you wrote to me about Ate Ali. I'm glad to know that she is soon to become a mother. I'll pray that she'll have a healthy baby. 

I am now in school and I'm in 6th grade. I'm doing my best now. We transferred residences so I can avoid peer pressure. Thank you for your advice and yes, I will listen and obey. I will do my best in school. Please pray that God will give me wisdom in my schooling. 

Do you see Ate Ali often? Please extend my regards to her. 

Sponsor Child, 


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