Monday, March 16, 2015

Loads of Letters!

On Saturday evening, after working at the Compassion table for two days, I found 7 (!) letters in my mailbox! I have a folder that I keep important papers in (things for church, as well as letters I have to respond to). Well, I left that folder in my office at church on Sunday, so I will not have those 7 letters until Wednesday, when I work again. I was looking forward to typing those up and sharing the extra picture (Yay!) that came with one of those letters. But, it looks like we will all have to wait on those.

But! I received another 3 letters today. 10 total letters in just a few days is pretty awesome, I must say. Without further ado, I will share the letters I found in my mailbox today.

First up, a letter from Solomon. He filled out the My Community template letter. Then a project worker wrote a long (and very hard to read) letter on the back. I will do my best to figure out what some of the sentences are trying to say.

Solomon is 9 years old and lives in India. He was 8 when this letter was written, so my guess is it will be the last template letter I receive from him. This letter was written on November 27th, 2014.


1. The facilities that are available in my community are: Health Center & School

2. The modes of communication used in my community is: Phone

3. The means of public transportation available in my community is: Cycle, Rickshaw, Bus, Train

4. The common language spoken in my community is: Kannada

5. Most of the people in my community are: Hindus

Dear Sponsor Kayla, 

Greetings to you in Jesus' name. I am Mrs. Umakumar writing this letter on behalf of your son Solomon. He hopes you're fine. Here he is fine by God's grace. Thank you for your letter and your photograph and the song. It is amazing. Really, it is wonderful. He loves it. He is happy to hear you spend your days happily in God's presence. It is so interesting to hear the story of the tooth fairy in your country. It is so lucky to have such kind of fun. Here we don't have anything special about losing teeth. We just throw it far away. He enjoyed the tooth fairy story. God is great. He has given you great children to take care of. They are very cute and bubbly. Solomon likes the picture you sent him. Thank you for sending him bunny picture. His brother Praveen is working in recharge collection (?). He introduce about you to his family and they feel so happy to hear about you. In his school, he celebrated Children's Day on November 14th. Solomon enjoyed the day with his friends. In the project he had a medical check-up and he's okay. He wish you a happy Christmas and new year. See you in the next letter. 

Your's Sincerely in Christ


Now, a letter from Kwizera Yves. He sure has been a busy writer lately, which I can't complain about!

Kwizera is 10 years old and lives in Rwanda. This letter is dated February 7th, 2015.


Dear Kayla, 

Beloved sponsor, I firstly greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. In Rwanda, we are doing well, we have rain. I was promoted to 5th grade. Pray for me to succeed. How are you doing? My father is not doing well, he scar got infected. My other family and I are doing well. I got 78/100. Thank you for sending me a letter. I wish you a happy new year. Thank you for the letter you sent. 

Kwizera Yves


Last, but not least, a letter from Wendjy. The way he opens up in his letters and the way I openly share my life with him, I feel as if we are truly friends. It makes me want to learn Haitian Creole so I can still communicate with him when he graduates before he graduates in a couple of years.

Wendjy is 20 years and lives in Haiti. He wrote this letter on January 29th, 2015.


Dear Kayla, 

I am happy to have a friend like you, that always feels like hearing from me and writing to me often. Just as you appreciate me this way. I hope you are well and all is going well with you. I am happy to get your letters that are always interesting because you always send them with pictures. I thank you for the stickers and the cards that are very beautiful. I am happy to answer the questions you asked. The technical school is going very well. My church has many choirs and for Christmas the activities are very beautiful, the choirs sang well. I am letting you know that it's very rainy here in Haiti. The weather is a little dark and it's cold, a bit. I have been attending these kinds of ceremonies for several years in my country. It's a beautiful thing when two people are getting married. All the family and friends come to attend. My sister's kids are Caphil and Islande. I was so happy to share this information with you. God bless. 




  1. Nice letters! I smiled when I read Solomon's letter about the tooth fairy!

  2. Wendjy's sister's kids have beautiful names.

  3. Wow! 10 letters! What a great week! I enjoyed these three letters. I love seeing the differences in writing style according to their ages.