Sunday, March 22, 2015

A New Project and a New Child!

There is a brand new project in Honduras! Compassion just opened this project within the last month or so. This project is located in Santa Barbara, Honduras, located in the mountains.

This brand new project is HO-416 and it is called Tu Reino Aqui, which translates to Your Kingdom Here. Isn't that a beautiful name? What a better way to demonstrate God building his kingdom on earth than by releasing these 200 children from the grips of extreme poverty? 

There is a team of 10 people who will be visiting this project in July. From now until then, they will be advocating for the children at HO-416 to be sponsored. You will not see these children on the website and you will not see them at events. Between then and now, these 10 people have the unique opportunity to find sponsors for these kids. 

So far, I have seen 2 of these team members post blog posts about the children waiting for a sponsor. I will share these blog posts for you. 

First up is Kim H,'s blog: Three Little Larks: God's Kingdom Here. On her post, she listed 6 children waiting for a sponsor and three of them have already been sponsored. I'm sure she will update her information soon, but Selvin, Elmer, and Nahomy have already been sponsored! 

In fact, beautiful Nahomy has been sponsored by my mother, and I will be her correspondent: 

Next, Deborah R. wrote a blog post, as well, and shared 10 children from HO-416 waiting for a sponsor. You can see that blog post here: Trusty's Mail Bag. All of the children are so precious, especially that Josue, in my opinion. I love his little smile! 

The goal between now and July is to have this project 100% sponsored, all 200 children connected with a loving person. Is it possible? I absolutely believe it is! With God's perfect plan and timing, I think it can be done.

I urge you consider sponsoring one of the children at this project. It is really a rare experience to start sponsoring a child in a brand new project and to get to see every once of the project's growth and success. Our Nahomy was literally the 4th child sponsored at this new project. I think that's pretty exciting!

Will you join me to help build God's kingdom here?


  1. I'm so excited about this project and the upcoming trip... If only resources were limitless. Nahomy is beautiful and I'm so happy for you and your mom :)

  2. I love little Josue! There's a good 7 or 8 that really stand out to me especially in the recent photos Kim posted and I am sure more will over time!