Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Another Wintry Day (Are you sick of hearing that yet?)

Today, my city awoke to lots and lots of ice. Basically the whole town shut down, all schools were closed and even State Farm (the biggest/most popular work location in town) had a late start, not opening until 9 a.m. I ended up with the day off, so that was exciting, I suppose.

But! I received two letters today!

First up, a letter from Xhuliano. For those of you that don't know, I work as nanny. I have tried to explain this to my kids, but most of them don't seem to understand what it means. In this letter, Xhuliano mentions the boy that I take care of as "your son." I think a lot of my sponsored kids think that G & C are my son and daughter. The sure are going to be surprised when they both start school and I no longer take care of them. Oh well!

I wrote to Xhuliano about attending G's 3rd birthday, which was at Chuck E. Cheese. He's responding to the games and the birthday crown.

Xhuliano is 14 years old and lives in Albania. He did not date his letter, but it must have been written sometime before December 25th.


My Dear Friend, 

I'm very happy and glad that you, my friend, are part of my life. I'm very happy you share with me things of your life, like telling me about your son, G. I hope G is always happy in his life. All the games are very entertaining and I think G will understand better in the future, like I do now. When I saw the photo, the thing that impressed me the most was the crown that G was holding. It was very special. I hope I will have a nice day on December 28th (Xhuliano's Birthday), just like G. And I hope this year, my parents makes my wish come true. Christmas is getting closer and so is the new year. Our traditional dish for New Year's Eve is turkey, different kinds of sweets, and drinks. I'm ending this letter and I hope you will write to me soon. God bless you. I wish you good luck. 

With Love,


Then, I also received a letter from Eric. This letter game with an extra picture, just because, I think! It seems that his financial sponsor did send him some extra money, so perhaps the uniform Eric is wearing in this picture is what was purchased with the money, though it doesn't say that in the letter. 

When I first started corresponding with Eric, he was really struggling with school. At 16 years old, he was still in lower primary school with really low skills in writing and comprehension. He has really made leaps and bounds. He has about 2.5 years left in the program and his goal is to graduate from 8th grade. He seems he's going to make his goal! 

Eric is 19 years old and lives in Uganda. This letter was written on February 4th, 2015. 


Dear Kayla, 

I thank you for giving some money to help me and my family. My mother is saying thank you from her and my brother Moses. How are you doing these days in 2015? How is your mother and your sister and her family? I was in holiday and had fun with my friends. Thank you so much for loving me and paying my school fees. My mother has eye problems and she can not see very well. Pray for her. I am promoted to Primary 6 this year. How is your life? Last year, our school took us to Kampala, which is the capital city. Do you know Kampala? What is the name of your president? Our president is His Excellency President Museveni Yoweri. How is your job of teaching? How is your church doing? I am happy to receive your letter, dear Kayla. I love you so much. May God bless you. 




  1. Your Eric reminds me of my Mbula... so serious! Plus they kind of look alike haha! I hope Xhuliano did end up having a good time on his birthday!

  2. I love how Xhuliano commented on the crown!! I also hope he had a good birthday. And congrats to Eric on his passing to the next grade!!