Saturday, December 13, 2014

Three More Letters to Share

December sure is shaping up to be a great month for mail. Well, almost every month this year has been great for letters, let's be honest. Writing to all of these kids sure is a blessing.

Today, I received three more letters from three great kiddos.

We'll start with little Caleb. Caleb doesn't yet write for himself, but you can tell that his tutor really takes into account what Caleb wants to say. He seems to have a great personality. This letter was about his friends.

Caleb is 7 years old and lives in Colombia. This letter was written on October 10th, 2014.


Greeting: I, Caleb, send special greetings to you. This letter is written by Paola, my tutor. 

I have 4 friends at the CDC

Their names are: Daniel, Santiago, Jhonatan, and Daniel Morera. 

My friends are special because: He's able to play with them

My favorite things to do with my friends at the CDC are: Playing a lot with his classmates and drawing the handouts they give at the project. 

Jesus is my friend because: He loves him, takes care of him, and because He has protected him at all times. 

For me, the meaning of friendship is: Playing and sharing time with his classmates, as well as being kind to each other. 

Dear Miss Kayla, I write this letter to you because Caleb does not write legibly yet. The child is doing fine, thanks to God. He has seen the photos you sent him and his face was filled with so much happiness. He says that the children are having so much swimming in such a beautiful river. (I sent him photos of kids swimming in the lake at summer camp) He says that he would like to swim in a river, same as they did. He says that he has heard about camps, but for old people, not for children. About the fantastic story you told him about teeth and the tooth fairy, he says that his classmates put the lost tooth under the pillow and a mouse named Perez takes it and leaves a coin. He dedicates the following Bible verse to you: Psalms 67:1. May God bless you. 


Next up, a letter from Khushi. She must have had a lot to say in this letter because she completely skipped a greeting. She just jumped right into talking about her school. Girls got things to say!

Khushi is 11 years old and lives in India. This letter was written on September 16th, 2014. Letters take awhile to get to me from her, because she lives in a remote village in the Himalayan Mountains.


How my school timing is 9:00 a.m to 3:30 p.m. It's longer, but I don't mind. I like to learn stories, history, and science. I also get to play badminton and jump rope and some other ball games. We have a small, good ground at our project center. I like to be with my friends there. A few days ago, I took part in a program called "Child Leadership Training" at my project. I learnt some good things that encouraged me to be a leader. I also participated in a rally that we took through our village. I was an "Anti Alcohol" rally. We many children of our project went to different places and gave a message to the community regarding "anti alcohol". People were impressed and supported us for this work. Many families are worried because men in their families drink and make problems at home. Please pray for them. 

Friend, thank you so much for your love and support. I love you too and miss you very much. I am very happy being part of your life. I am praying for you too. You are a great blessing and are meant for me. 



Lastly, a letter from Derrick. It looks like his financial sponsor sent him a financial gift for his birthday. I am so happy when financial sponsors do this because I simply can't afford to send a birthday gift to every one of the children that I write to. 

Derrick is 11 years old and lives in Uganda. He wrote this letter on October 20th, 014. 


Dear Kayla, 

I am glad to be writing to you this letter. My morning is good and I am also doing better. We had rain yesterday and today, the morning is cold. My family is okay and we always talk about you and keep trusting God that one day we will meet you. My term three is still going on and I am busy with school work. I hope for good grades to be promoted to primary six. Keep me in your prayers. Thank you for my birthday gift. God bless you. I bought a piglet, a hen, a pair of bed sheets, and rice. I am so happy and grateful. My family family says thank you, as well. Kayla, let me end here and go ahead to my class. Bye for now. 



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  1. I love the details that go into Khushi's letters!! Caleb is so cute!!! And I also am a big fan of sponsors giving their kids gifts!!