Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Gift Photo From Abu!

Whew! It took a lot of work to get this photo!

I sent Abu some gift money back in March. World Vision guarantees a photo with each financial gift and it usually doesn't take more than four months to get a photo from Sierra Leone. However, World Vision asks sponsors to wait six months before inquiring. With all of the craziness of Ebola going on in Sierra Leone, I figured it would take awhile. However, by the end of October, I still hadn't heard anything so I had WV put in an inquiry about what was going on.

On Thursday, I received an email from World Vision, containing a picture and a letter of what Abu was able to buy with the money I sent. The letter also explained why there was a delay. When I send money to Abu, the money goes through World Vision, into a local bank, where Abu's grandfather has an account. World Vision staff then escort Abu and his grandfather to the bank to pick up the money. However, for five months, Abu's grandfather was seriously ill and even ended up in the hospital. Because of this, he was not able to go to the bank. Abu's grandfather recovered and a trip to the bank was made.

Abu was able to buy a goat, a lamb, a school backpack, a duffel bag for sports, and the remaining money was used to pay off some of Abu's grandfather's hospital bill. I'd say this gift went a long way!

I also got a wonderful photo! I decided to add it with other photos I have of Abu, into a collage, so you can see this sweet boy grow and change over the years.


  1. Fantastic pictures!! And I'm so thankful that his grandfather is well again!

    1. I'm glad everything worked out well, all around! I love seeing my boy grow up.

  2. Wow!!! What an incredible photo. It's amazing that he was able to do so much with your gift. And thank God that his grandfather has recovered.