Friday, December 5, 2014

Five Lovely Indian Kids Waiting for a Sponsor

I have sponsored kiddos in six different projects in India. Right now, there are kids waiting for a sponsor at four of those projects. That's a lot! I absolutely love my sponsored kiddos in India. All four of these projects are doing great things for the kids and their families. Plus, I get great letters from the kids at these projects, every two months, just like clockwork. If you sponsored one of the kids, you'd find that same great joy!

First up is the lovely Raveena. She attends project IN-389, the same as my little Solomon. Solomon still writes on form letters, but his tutor always includes a long, loving message. I'm sure you get the same lovely letters from Raveena. 

Raveena is 18 years old. Her birthday is May 17th. She is in high school and has above average performance! She lives with her parents and two siblings. She enjoys reading and playing group games. 

This cutie's name is Aditya. He attends IN-866, the same project as my Sandesh. This project is located in a very large, very filthy slum. When the project first opened, many of the children were malnourished and most of the families didn't know the ages or birthdays of their children. It's a very poor, uneducated area. Compassion is doing great things here. 

Aditya is 7 years old. His birthday is May 25th. In school, he has average performance. He makes his home with his parents and one sibling. His favorite activities are playing hide and seek, running, and playing marbles. 

This tiny guy is Govind. He attends project IN-964, the same as my girl Sadiya. This project is also located in a slum. The community is very dirty and, as you can see in the background of his picture, there are often piles of bricks, rocks, and trash everywhere. Families here typically have a very hard time finding food. Compassion provides nutritious food at the project and nutrition supplements for at home. 

Govind is 5 years old. His birthday is August 7th. He is in kindergarten and doing well. He lives with his grandfather, his mother, and one sibling. He enjoys playing hide and seek and doing arts and crafts. 

Last up, is handsome Ankush. He attends project IN-967, the same project my girl Khushi attends. This project is located in a small, very poor village that is located in the Himalayan Mountains. The weather drops below freezing in the winter and most families don't have proper ways to keep warm. Compassion is a huge asset to this community. 

Ankush is 11 years old. His birthday is August 21st, He attends middle school and has average performance. He lives with his parents and two siblings. For fun, Ankush likes art, walking, and playing ball games. 

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