Saturday, May 24, 2014

Two Letters From Africa

I'm sorry it's been so quiet on my blog lately. Typically, I fill my blog up with letters and new information about my kids, as you know. However, May has been a very quiet month, regarding sponsorship, for me. It's already May 24th and I've only received two letters this month, both yesterday. I suppose more could be coming. Or it could just be one of those slow months. Those happen sometimes.

However, when I got these two letters from two of my boys in Africa, I stopped to think about them. I'm getting letters from Africa. Africa, you guys! That is amazing! I am so grateful for sponsorship organizations like Compassion and World Vision that allow me to connect with precious children from all over the world. Children that each have a special purpose, dreams, desires, interests, etc. I get to write to these kids, love them, encourage them, pray for them. It's just so wonderful. I praise God for giving me a spot in each of these kids' lives.

Anyway, I will share these two letters with you.

First up, is a letter from Taye. Taye is 17 years old and lives in Ethiopia. He's not my most chatty friend and it's been over six months since my last letter from him, but still, I'm happy to know him.

This letter is dated March 18th, 2014.


Dear Kayla,

Grace and peace be to you, my dear sponsor, from the Lord. How are you? I and my family are fine. Thanks be to God. I have got your support such as school fees and I learnt my education and Sunday school at church, once a week, promptly. Thank you so much. The weather is hot. What is the weather of your country? Is there a high place in your country? 



Next up is a letter from my Kwizera, from Rwanda. He has recently turned 9 and has officially upgraded from the templates and onto regular lined writing paper. 

This letter is dated April 3rd, 2014


Dear Kayla,

Beloved parent, I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. How are you? How is your family? I and my family are fine, except for my father who is sick. He has a mental problem. We are doing exams for end of first term. We are about to go on holidays for Easter. In Rwanda we have rain. We grow beans and maize. I wish you a happy Easter and God's blessings. John 3:16. 




  1. How fun!! We also just received letters from Africa. It is amazing to me to think that our kids so far away held those same letters. What a blessing!!

  2. Has Sagar's photo updated yet? My Kishori's updated is so good to see her smiling!

    1. Nope. No updated photo for Sagar yet, though I figured it had to be coming soon. Knowing that Kishori's updated is getting me so excited! I'm glad that Kishori is smiling now. :)