Thursday, May 1, 2014

Electricity for Xhuliano!

I know that I've been a little neglectful of my blog lately. I have several letters to post and share with you, but I have just been so busy.

But, I have to post this.

My dear Xhuliano wrote me a couple letters this week. One of them was very hard for me to read. He told me that his family has been without electricity for a whole year and was basically begging me for help. I know that sponsored children are usually encouraged not to ask their sponsors for extra things and money, but I really feel like this was Xhuliano's last resort. Since it's been a year, I'm sure his family has tried every way possible to raise the money.

I want to be able to help this sweet boy. If you're a regular reader of my blog, you know just how sweet of a boy my Xhuliano is. He has so much love and happiness about life. I can't imagine how he has all of this without electricity. So difficult.

Xhuliano says, "I, Xhuliano, am asking this help because I can not just sit in the dark." 

The amazing this is, I only need about $150 to give Xhuliano and his family electricity for a year. A year.

I do not have this amount of money right now, but I'm really hoping that I can gather some support for my boy and we can get his family electricity, by working together.

To do this, I started a fundraiser. There is no end date, because I plan to keep raising money for as long as it takes to help Xhuliano. If you are willing to donate, even a small amount, to help, I would really appreciate it. Here is the site:

Please also join me in praying for Xhuliano and his family. Clearly, they are struggling. 

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