Friday, May 9, 2014

Forgotten Letters

So far, May has been a silent month for me, when it comes to letters, but the month isn't over yet. I have hope that letters will come!

At the end of April, I received two letters from Xhuliano. One of this letters led to me starting my fundraiser to get help get electricity for Xhuliano's family. We are a little over half way to my goal of getting Xhuliano's electricity back on. If, after you read the letter, you feel inclined to donate a few dollars, I would really appreciate it. Here is the link for the fundraiser page:

I sent my sponsored children a letter about the two kids that I nanny for. I included how we spend our days and each child's favorite activities. Xhuliano responded by telling me about what he was like when he was little. I love this letter. 


Dear My Friend!

I am very happy that you at home have two wonderful children. I would like to thank you for taking care of them. You are such a wonderful girl for taking care of them. I love small children. I have helped my mom to raise up Marsela by feeding her, washing her, and changing her diapers. I love Marsela a lot. On April 5th, she is going to be four years old. When I was a little kid, like **** (the boy I nanny for), I used to play with toy cars and dolls. I used to play together with my cousin Redjon, that we together are the same age. My mom and dad have told me that when I was a little kid I liked to play all day. I think you have chosen a very wonderful job. They are very happy that you are serving them every day. 

I wish that God would fulfill all the wishes you have in your life. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I send my hugs to you and I really love you. Hope you will write me back very soon. 

With Lots of Love, 


This next letter is why I have decided to reach out and help Xhuliano's family. It seems that they are really going through a tough time. It breaks my heart to hear the sadness in Xhuliano's words. 


Dear My Friend, Kayla!

I got very glad receiving another letter from you. I love to share my worries and thoughts with you, my wonderful friend. Well, my friend, you are a good very loving girl that your every day life is full of happiness. 

We have stopped building the house because of the unfortunate economic situation. I would like to thank you that you pray to the Lord for me and my family and for income generation and construction materials we need for our house. 

Marsela is doing very well right now and Stelina just celebrated her birthday at home. She is eleven years old. I love you very much. Both of my sisters think of you every day. My mom is a bit sad because my dad got operated on during the month of March. It is the fourth time they operated. (His dad has trouble with his kidneys). 

Our family is concerned about a problem which I want to share with you. So, we have about a year that we do not have electric light at home. I ask you could help me to have light at home because my dad is not able to pay the connection electric contract and to buy a timer. I, Xhuliano, am asking this help because I can not just sit in the dark. I require the same assistance from World Vision to help me have at home, at least, one lighted lamp. Hope you will realize this desire of mine that I have in my life. 



Typically, sponsored children are discouraged from asking their sponsors for things, as it can appear like begging and tacky, in a way. However, I am glad that World Vision allowed this. I feel like, sometimes, we just don't get the real idea of how our sponsored children truly live. We get letters saying they are doing great in school and they are happy at home and that is sometimes just not the truth. Living in 3rd world conditions will never be happy all the time. I feel honored that Xhuliano feels like he can be open and honest with me. 

I look forward to writing back to him and I hope that I will have the money raised for his electricity very soon. 


  1. Kayla,
    Thank you so much for posting Xhuliano's wonderful letters. I love the way he writes. I have been saving up for him since I read that he needed new shoes at Christmas and his family just couldn't manage it. What a rough year 2013 was for a lot of us. How wonderful that you care enough to help them this way.

    1. 2013 was definitely a rough year for Xhuliano's family. I can only pray that 2014 is an improvement for them.

  2. heart goes out to Xhuliano and his family. What a rough year. I'm praying for God to raise the money for you. He is such an amazing young man. I love how much he cares for his sister. I'll also be praying for his dad. We have a kid in Bolivia whose father passed away last year and now his older brother has kidney disease. I makes my heart ache for our boy!! So I can imagine how you must feel.