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Letters to My Kids: April 2014

April was a very busy month for me and I only had time to sit down and write out one letter to all my kids. However, I did receive 16 letters from my kids in April, so all of them got a response letter too. 

This month, I shared a part of Jesus' life with my kids. I split my kids in younger kids and older kids, as I sometimes do when I'm writing letters. I do this so I can share more in-depth or serious discussions with my older kids, and share my kid-friendly things with my younger ones. I choose to make my kids 12 and under my "younger" kids and my kids 13+ my "older kids." 

In April, my younger kids got a letter about some of the miracles that Jesus performed. Here is the letter I sent: 


I want to share with you something I have been reading and studying in the bible. From time to time, I like to read about Jesus and the amazing miracles he performed. These miracles were truly amazing and proof that Jesus is the Son of God. I will share some of my favorite miracles with you.

One evening, Jesus and his disciples went to Peter's house. There, Peter's mother-in-law was very sick with a fever and could not get out of her bed. Jesus touched the sick woman's hand and she was instantly cured of her fever. The woman got up and served Jesus and his disciples food and drinks. Word of Jesus healing this woman spread quickly through the city, and by that night, there were many people wishing to be cured lined up outside the house.There were blind people, deaf people, people that couldn't walk, and people that were very sick. Jesus cured every single person that was there. The blind could see again and the deaf could hear again. Everyone was very happy and praised and worshiped Jesus, the son of God.

Soon after this day, Jesus and his disciples were on a boat out on the sea. A big storm came and caused there to be huge waves. The boat began to rock back and forth and the disciples were very scared. During this time, Jesus was sleeping. His disciples woke Jesus up and said, "Save us, Lord!" Jesus stayed very calm and he told the sea, "Be still." Right away, the sea was still and the storm stopped. The disciples were amazed! Even the weather obeyed Jesus' voice.

Jesus showed that he was the Son of God by performing many miracles. Each miracle was amazing and surprising. Anybody who saw Jesus perform a miracle were happy and excited. Miracles sometimes still happen today. Pray very hard for something and it may happen. Prayer is a very powerful thing.

Love, Kayla


For my older kids, I wrote a letter about the time that Jesus was tempted by Satan. Here is what I wrote to them: 


Today I want to share with you something I have been reading and studying from the bible. I read about when Jesus was tempted by Satan after he was baptized. I will share a summary of the story with you.

After Jesus was baptized, the Holy Spirit led Jesus into the desert. Here, Jesus was left alone. Jesus fasted for 40 days and became very hungry. The bible says that there were also many wild animals near Jesus at this time. At this time, Satan appeared to Jesus and tried to tempt him, just like he had tempted Adam and Eve. Satan knew that Jesus was very hungry and he told him, "If you are truly God's son, turn these rocks into bread." Satan knew that Jesus could perform miracles like this and he wanted to test him. But Jesus did not obey Satan. Instead, he told Satan, "Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God" (Matthew 4:4) Next, Satan took Jesus to the city of Jerusalem, to the temple where people worshiped god. He took Jesus to the top of a high wall and said, "If you are the son of God, throw yourself down. His word says that angels will save you." But, Jesus was strong and told Satan, "It is also written, you shall not put the Lord your God to the test" (Luke 4:12)

Satan tried one more time to tempt Jesus. Satan took Jesus to a very tall mountain, where they could see many kingdoms and cities. Satan said, "I will give all of this to you if you will fall down a worship me." Jesus refused! He said, "Get behind me, Satan! It is written, you shall worship the lord your God and him only" (Luke 4:8) Satan, feeling defeated, left Jesus. Then, God's angels appeared to Jesus to comfort and take care of him. God was proud of Jesus for not obeying Satan. Just like Jesus, Satan puts things in our lives to tempt us. We have to make sure we are following God and doing what is right. We have to try our very best to not follow the evil things in this world. I will be praying for you to resist the evil things in this world.

Love, Kayla


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