Sunday, May 4, 2014

My Little Man Writes Two Letters

A few days ago, I got two letters from my Domenik. He is 7 years old and lives in Albania. I have really started to tell that they are letting Domenik "write" the letters on his own. He isn't yet handwriting the letters himself, but I can tell that he is dictating what should be put in the letters. They are very sweet, little letters.


Hello Kayla, 

We are so happy to know that all of you are well. I love with my friends here in my neighborhood, but my mother does not allow me to play outside my yard. She is afraid to let me play outside because there are open sewers close to our home. The city where I live is in Durres. What about you? Do you have the sea close to your home place? Your photos were amazing. 

Love from Domenik



Hi Kayla, 

I am very well and in good health. Today is the 7th of March and we celebrate Teacher's Day. I will go to school and I will give my teacher a bouquet of flowers. Do you celebrate this day in your country? I celebrate Christmas holidays too. We prepare delicious food for holidays. Our traditional dessert is called Baklava. It almost never snows here so I have never slid on a sled. We are having warm weather here. I would to taste your grandmother's and mother's food. 

I love you

Hugs from Domenik


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  1. What great letters!! That's so sad that he lives in such a rough environment.