Saturday, February 1, 2014

Weather in Honduras/Debora's Mom Writes!

I actually received this letter yesterday, but didn't want to cover up my January Letter post. :)

I received a The Weather template letter from Debora, my little one in Honduras. After the template part, Debora's mom wrote me a very long letter, and even attached another page to answer the questions I asked about her home/community. Also in this letter, Debora's mom confirms that the pictures I have from the day I visited her project, that I thought were of Debora, certainly are of her. Yay!


The Weather

In my community, the weather is: Sunny
My favorite weather is: Sunny
On my birthday, the weather is: Cloudy
On Christmas, the weather is usually: Rainy

What I like to do, according to the weather: Play

Winter problems in my community are: Colds (Sickness)

Hello Dear Kayla, 

May God bless you very much. It is for me a pleasure to write you this letter thanking you with all my heart for sponsoring my daughter Debora. I feel very happy to meet you through a photo. Well, Debora's mom writes to you. My name is Gladis Elena and I'm married to my husband called Jose Alexis and we have 2 sons and Debora and she's last in the house. She is our lovely girl and our only girl. Well, I want to tell you that Debora is a very smart and active girl and she's very joyful and she likes to sing praise songs to God and to dance. You are beautiful and special because all people who love kids, God loves them also. Debora was very happy to meet you through the photos and yes, Debora is with her dad in the photos. Well, she's doing very well in the project and it has been of much blessing for our kids. They're learning a lot what they teach them. The favorite thing Debora likes to do is to play and to sing. I feel very happy writing to you. You're a great blessing for our lives. Debora likes the month of September because of her birthday. Many kisses and hugs. Here, I am sending you the answers to your questions: (She answered them from Debora's point of view)

1. Our house is made of iron sheets
2. Here we live with my mom, dad, the children, and the grandfather.
3. I sleep with my siblings in the same bed.
4. Yes, we have electricity.
5. In our community, we have well water.
6. My dad is a welder and my mom is housekeeper.
7. We drive by horse carts, bicycles, and cars.
8. Well, you help us a lot, you have been a great blessing for us. 
9. Our typical food is baleadas and tamales. 


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  1. Wow!!!! I love that Debora's mom wrote such a great letter and answered your questions!!!! She sounds like a wonderful, caring mom. And Debora sounds like a sweet girl!! How neat that she also confirmed that the photos are of Debora!!!!