Monday, February 17, 2014

Videos from my World Vision Boys' Communities

World Vision sent me an email with videos with that showed the community that each of my boys live in. I am grateful to see these videos and to see what life is truly like where my boys live. There were things in each video that worry me and there are other things that make me happy for the future. I will share each of these videos with you, so you can see what these communities are like too. I know that many of you are curious about my sponsored boys from Albania. These videos showed just how poor of a country Albania is.

I will post the link for each video, because I can't seem to get them to work as a video added to the blog entry.

First up, my boy Xhuliano. He lives in the city of Vlora in Albania.

In this video, I am worried most about the girls not being able to attend school, and to hear how families react when a girl is born. You often hear attitudes against girls like this in Asia and Africa, but you don't think of European countries having the same problem. I am happy that World Vision is training peer educators to teach families that education for girls is important too. 

Next, I will share the video from my Florenc's community. He lives in the city of Elbasan, in Albania.

The poverty shown in this video absolutely shocked me. I truly didn't know that conditions were so devastatingly bad in this community. The homes are so small, the people seem so ragged, and the terrain so unbearable. I am so glad that World Vision is working in this community. I am so happy to see the programs for children with disabilities, allowing them to be involved in school and society. I was also happy to see the colorful and happy school for the young children. They seemed to be having fun. 

The last community in Albania I will share with you is in the city of Durres. It is where my little Domenik lives. 

I already know from Domenik's letters that the school is his community are poor. This video shows that too. They do not have all of the resources they need to provide a good education to all children. I was shocked to see the conditions of the trash dump and the sewage. It must be a very tough place to live. World Vision has just now been working in this community for a year, so it is not easy to see great improvement yet, but I know that World Vision has big hopes and plans for this community. 

Lastly, I will share the video from my boy Abu's community. He lives in Bagbo, Sierra Leone. 

I think this video is the one that shocked me most of all. I knew that Sierra Leone is considered one of the poorest and most needy countries in the world, but I guess, in my mind, I didn't know how to picture what that meant. Seeing the condition of the school house broke my heart. Seeing the full clinic that only has medicine because World Vision is there and the place where the women were collecting water makes me so worried. Conditions are so bad here, even with how long World Vision has been serving here. I pray that big things continue to change in Sierra Leone. 

Thank you for taking your time to watch the videos that I shared. I hope you learned something from watching them. 


  1. How neat that you get to see videos of each of your WV children. They for sure give you a better idea of what to pray for!


    1. I wish that my boys were in these videos. I scoured them hoping to catch a glimpse, but nope, not in there. :)

  2. Really sad to see the conditions, but a good insight. I wonder if the UK has plans to share something like this