Saturday, February 8, 2014

New Faces, "New" Faces, and Non-Changes

Check out that title! Say what?! Let me explain:

This month, so far, I've gotten two photo updates.

My not-so-little boy, Kalpesh

And my sweet Maria. 

Now, what is this about Non-Changes and New Faces? 

Well, my oldest "child" Melaku was set to graduate from the Compassion program this January. To prepare for his departure, I wrote him a final letter and then asked to be put on the waiting list for a new correspondent child. 

A few weeks after Melaku was set to graduate, he was still on my account. I decided to double check his information and I noticed that they pushed his graduation back a year, so I will now get to continue writing to him until January, 2015. I'm happy to get to know this handsome young man even more. 

But, my name was still on the list for a new correspondent child. Shortly after I discovered Melaku's new graduation date, a new, beautiful face had arrived on my account. This now puts me at 31 total children and I'm not a big fan of that number, haha, but I will have to deal. Just kidding, of course. 

Meet Lina: 

She will turn 15 years old next month. She lives with her mother, who works as a dressmaker. Lina enjoys singing, listening to music, and playing ball games. I am excited to get to know her!

February has been a busy month and it's only been a week! 


  1. I love photo updates! And how great for both you and Melaku that you get another year!

    I'm sure Lina will be very blessed by all your encouraging letters.

    1. I love photo updates too. When I hit the 18 month mark, I start checking for new faces everyday. I just get so excited waiting for that new photo.

  2. That's so exciting that Melaku's graduation date was pushed out!! And how fun that you can correspond with Lina now! Where is she from? I love the photo updates too--photo updates are so exciting!!

    1. I totally forgot to mention that in the post, but I did put it on her sidebar picture, so I'm not completely losing my mind, haha. She is from Colombia.