Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Nikko Prays for His Country

My correspondent child, Nikko, is from the Philippines, which was devastated by a hurricane and flooding just a short time ago. Nikko's city was not affected, but many of the areas near him were. As you can imagine, I was worried about him, but since I did not hear any news from Compassion, I knew that he was okay. Compassion was contacting all of the sponsors of the affected children.

Today, I got a letter from Nikko, confirming that he was okay and that he is praying for his country to recover from this tragedy.

Nikko is 15 years old and this letter was written on November 19th, 2013.


Dear Miss Kayla,

First of all, I'm greeting you and your family. For me here, I am doing good in God's grace. 

Regarding my studies, it's fine. I've known my 2nd grading and thank God, I don't have any failing grades. I'm still helping my uncle in his used clothing business. 

It's good to hear that you love children and like teaching them. Me, I love playing with my youngest sibling, who is 2 years old. 

I love to know something about your country. Our national fruit is mango. Our national flower is sampaguita. Our flag has three colors yellow, blue, and red. 

What is your country's weather forecast for now? For me we're always in our low pressure. Please help me to pray for us to easily recover from what we had. 

Thank you and God bless. 



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  1. How encouraging it must have been to hear from Nikko! Even though, I agree, "no news is good news" when working with Compassion. He sounds like a sweet young man.