Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pastor Letter from Lina's Project: CO-426

I have one more pastor letter to share with you. This letter is from the pastor of my newest correspondent child, Lina. She lives in Colombia and attends project CO-426.


Dear Sponsor,

My name is Norberto López, and I am the pastor of the Torre Fuerte Crusade Christian Church in Cali, Colombia, where I minister to your Compassion-sponsored child. I praise God that you have opened up your heart to share your love and blessings with your sponsored child. May our loving and dear heavenly Father keep on blessing you, your family and loved ones, and may your love for our children increase each day.

The Lluvias de Amor Integral Child Development Center has been operating here for the last six years. We are located in one of the city's outlying areas, at the east side of the Agua Blanca district. The families who live here have many socio-economical problems such as domestic violence, sexual abuse of children, alcoholism, drug addiction, juvenile delinquency, gangs, robbery and homicide. For example, one child at the center was orphaned after his mother was shot during a gang confrontation. 

The risk of our children joining the gangs and delinquency groups is very high, as is the rate of teenage pregnancy and school desertion. Broken families are very common here, so children are out in the streets all the time and exposed to many risks. 

In this situation of abandonment, violence and lack of love, we welcome Compassion International as a blessing from God to help us meet children's many needs. Your contribution as a sponsor is fundamental to our mission.

We have a staff of center workers committed to serve and take care of the children. They provide children an integral education that helps them spiritually, economically, socially, physically and cognitively. Our center's vision is to release children from poverty and give them the tools to success in life. 

Currently, we assist 223 children, some of whom are still waiting to find people like you, with a great heart to sponsor them. We see the need of love and support in children's eyes and behavior. They are all lovely children, and we also see God's love and mercy in them. Even though they have a hard situation at home, these children keep growing and learning that Jesus loves them and has a purpose for their lives. Your contribution means that more children have hope, more children have an opportunity to develop their skills, more children live a meaningful life with a purpose and more children, in turn, can help change our society.

I am so thankful that you have chosen to be the faithful sponsor for your sponsored child. You can't imagine how happy the children get when they receive letters from their sponsors, when they see the pictures you send and when they are writing back. It is awesome to be next to these children and share along with them the joy of having a sponsor. They know that you love them, even though you are far away. They love you, too. That relationship is a proof of God's love. 

I can't thank you enough for your love and prayers. We do many things for the children's well-being thanks to that. May God reward you in the well-being and prosperity of your business and family. 


Norberto López,
Senior Pastor


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  1. Wow…what a difficult area to live in. I'm so thankful that Lina has a Compassion project where she can go to!