Friday, June 24, 2011

Puff Cake!

May 2011

Dear Kayla,

On behalf of Abu and family, I say thank you for the letter and the two postcards you sent to him. The two cards are lovely but he loves the stickers on the letter more.

The new year started good and is still going on. It is time for farmers to brush and burn their farms. Since most people are farmers they are working very hard.

There was a short break in the school for house sports. Abu was in the yellow house. The school has four houses - Yellow, Blue, Red, and Green. Abu's house, yellow, came in first! Red second, blue third, and green took the last position. Certificates were awarded to pupils who did best.

When your child watched the card with beignets, he felt like eating some. Such dough in deep friend in his community is called "Puff-Cake."

Once more, Abu and family say thank you and your family and prays that relationships between both families last longer.

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