Friday, June 24, 2011

Many Thanks

September 2010 (because of the three months it takes the letter to get there and then the three months it takes to get back, sometimes our letter topics don't fit with the time of the year)

Dear Kayla,

Abu received your letter in June with many thanks to your and your family.

His Christmas day was spent with his grandparents as Abu's parents were away from home. Food was in abundance and thef amily friends came to them in the evening to dance the nature dance. Drinks were served and joyfully the day went by.

After Christmas came the Easter holidays for two weeks. Abu stayed home with friends playing games like football and Ludo (anybody know what this is?)

Schools are now taking final exams for this academic year, which started in September and will end in July. Abu hopes to go to a new class next year.

Abu and his family say thank you and pray that you live large.

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