Friday, June 24, 2011

News From Sierra Leone in 2007

In 2007 Sierra Leone experienced peace and stability. A new government took offie and pledged to tackle corruption. Religious tolerance is high between the two major religious groups, Christians and Muslims. both participate in community development projects. However, crushing poverty, weak rule of law, and the inequitable distribution of resources persist. Sierra Leone continues to rank at the bottom of the United Nations Human Development Report with a poverty level of 70% and an average life expectancy of 41.8 years.

Bagbo Community (that's where Abu lives) Accomplishments in 2007

- Trained 50 pastors to teach Sunday school, strengthening their skills to spread the Good News to children.

- Celebrated birthdays with 2,351 children distribuiting sweets and a small toy improving self-esteem

- Distributed 330 goats to 106 orphaned and vulnerable children, improving food security and generating income.

- Distributed mosquito nets to 3,800 people, reducing the risk of malaria.

- Dewormed 2,285 children, improving their health.

- Trained 90 children on value-based and lfie skills, promoting healthy choices.

- Conducted medical check-ups of 2,285 children, ensuring good health

- Distributed school uniforms, shoes, and a school bag and supplies to 135 orphaned and vulnerable children, improving their self-esteem.

- Constructed toilets at a school, improving sanitation

- Funded 12 new groups to begin income-generating activities.

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