Friday, June 24, 2011

Get to Know Your Sponsored Child

March 31st, 2008

Name: Abu-Bakarr Kanu

Gender: Boy

Birthday: May 10th, 2002

Country: Sierra Leone

Abu Bakarr lives with his relatives and 4 sisters. His relatives struggle to provide for the family.

Abu Bakarr is growing up in a farming province located in southwest Sierra Leone. Houses are made of mud bricks and thatch roofs. Staples foods include rice, cassava, and leafy vegetables. The terrain is flat and rugged but the soil is dark and fertile. The rainy season is May to October and the temperature is milder. The climate is dryer, but humid and warm, from November to April.

Abu Bakarr is not in school at this time. He likes to play house. he helps at home by running errands. He is in good health.

Your sponsorship commitment will help provide Abu-Bakarr and his community with improved school infrastrctures, equipped health facilities, livestock and agricultural enhancements, training in agricultural technology and development to improve food security, and Christian facilitation and nurturing.

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