Thursday, May 19, 2016

Written at the end of April?!

Yes, you read that correctly. I know it's not a very exciting title, but I am so happy! That's because today, on my account, two letters showed up, from my CO-384 boys and they were written at the end of April. That is less than a month ago. Maybe I will stop saying it soon, but I am so happy with this new system. I know that some people are still having glitches and errors, but my account seems to be running smoothly. As far as I can tell, anyway!

Both of my boys wrote letters about school. First up, Jonatan's letter, which is in template form.

Jonatan is 8 years old. His letter is dated April 28th, 2016.


1. I am in: 3rd Grade

2. My school teacher's name is: Vilma

3. My favorite thing about school is: the playground

4. My favorite subject is: Mathematics

5. In school, I would like to learn: Advanced mathematics

6. My school uniform is: Blue pants and a white shirt

7. My school is 20 minutes away from my house. 

8. I get to school by: Bus 

Dear sponsor, 

I am doing very well. I feel happy playing with my brother. We play on a computer that we have in our house. I am scared of the dark. I look like my father. I write with my right hand. My desire is that my family will always be well. I would make a law in my country that needy people would be able to get their groceries once a month. I dedicate the following bible verse to you: Psalm 110:1. Kisses to you. 



Now a similar letter from Daniel. He is 10 years old. His letter is dated April 29th, 2016.


Dear Kayla,

May God bless you, my dear Kayla. This is Daniel greeting you. I write you this letter with the desire of telling you my school's name is Benposta. My favorite teacher is named Abida. My favorite subject is mathematics. The color of my uniform is white and black and it has orange stripes. About your questions and the letter of how I am, thanks to God, I am well. What makes me happy is my dad tickling me and my mom's hug also makes me feel better. I'm scared of my dad scolding me. I look a lot like my mom. My desire is to get lots of presents. If I could make a law for my country, it would be to preach the word of God in all the schools at the national level. I give you this bible verse: Philippians 4:13. I say goodbye with lots of hugs and kisses for you and your family. I will always pray for you and your family. 

Juan Daniel



  1. I am glad to hear that the letter system is working well for you. Mine is still glitchy, but I will be patient while they sort it out.

    Daniel melted my heart when he spoke of his dad ticking him and his mom hugging him!

    And Jonatan's letter is just full of sweet!

  2. As these kinks are getting worked out I'm getting more and more excited!!! That's such a fast turnaround!!!