Monday, May 23, 2016

Project Director Letter: HA-844

Happy Monday, everyone! Today, I share the project letter from HA-844, which is where my young man, Wendjy attends. Wendjy will be graduating at the end of the year, so hearing the things that go on in his project makes me very happy. I know that Wendjy will be going out into the world prepared for a great life!

Wendjy has just recently transferred to this project and is one of the oldest, by far. The project just opened in 2011, so the oldest kids are just now in their early teens. Wendjy is 21 years old, so I imagine he is more of a helper at the project than a student. What do you think?


Dear Kayla, 

My name is Eliot Norestin. I am the Project Director of the Child Development Center attended by your sponsored child in the Evangelical Church in Sainte-Philomene. Thank you for sponsoring Louis Wendjy. 

Actual Community Photo when Wendjy Lives

Let me tell you that the center has been here since 2011. We already have a total of 430 children. The center is located in a very bad area. There is a lot of criminal activity and juvenile delinquency in Sante-Philomene. 

We have different activities revolving around the four areas of development that are: spiritual, physical, socio-emotional, and cognitive. 

Since the ages of 2-11 years, the children have participated in some social activities to awake their abilities. Most of these activities give them a strong understanding of the Word of God. 

Reaching their teens, they show a sense of responsibility and maturity. We offer them classes to awaken their skills and abilities, according to their lessons in their notebooks called My Plan for Tomorrow. They can choose between courses like sewing, leatherwork, painting, macrame, music, videography/photography. 

We have five young people in our church who who have been sponsored through Compassion. They are really successful and have become responsible leaders in the community.  They are all at the service of the church. There are many other sponsored children who serve in the community. 

One family was very poor and the parents had no way to help their children succeed in life. The family was assisted by Compassion International. Two children have succeeded in life thanks to the intervention of the center in the area. I believe the whole family will succeed, thanks to the sponsors of Compassion. 

The girls have benefited from a sewing class established with a Complementary Intervention gift. They can make clothes for many people in the community. They have begun to earn money. Other children received cosmetology courses and lessons in electricity through another such gift. They are all able to generate money for their services. There are tangible and visible results in all the areas which we operate in. 10 parents were graduated lately in the sewing class. Some children have great responsibility in the assembly either as musicians, hosts, choir members, service leaders, youth committee members and so on. 

The value of the relationship between the sponsor and the child is very important, not only for the child or for the center, but also for parents. This is why sponsors' letters are so important. The children love to know about their sponsors and they enjoy writing to their sponsors to tell them all about themselves. I hope every sponsor will write to their children. 

People in the community consider the center as a gift fallen from heaven. They have seen the positive impacts in the lives of children. I must tell you that sponsors' cooperation, economic support, and prayers are not without effects on the lives of the children. 

I am asking you to interceded for the staff of the center so that God gives them more wisdom, motivation, common sense, and spirit of collaboration to carry out their jobs. Remember to pray for the people of the community, especially for the parents and some children who do not know Christ as their Savior. I pray for you and your family that God bless you and fill you wisdom. 

Thanks again for sponsor Wendjy. 

Eliot Norestin



  1. Wendjy is a lot older! You'll have to ask him if he helps out a lot. I love how letters like this give us glimpses into our kids' experiences. I also thought it's so great that complementary interventions are being used to teach sewing skills.

    1. I just received this letter, so I should definitely ask him in a letter. He graduates in December so I have no idea if I'll hear back from him about that or not. I imagine it feels very odd to transfer from a project with other people your age and transferring to a project where people are 10+ years younger than you.