Sunday, May 1, 2016

First Sunday Advocate: May 2016

I don't have as many kids to share with you as I usually do. I only choose to share children, on my blog, that attend the same projects at my kids. This month, there aren't many to choose from. Typically, I have like 20 kids to narrow down and share. This time around, I only have 6 kids to share with you.

If you're able to add one of these kids to your sponsorship family, I would love to hear about it! We can tell our kids that we know each other!

Under each photo, I put each child age, name, and the project they attend. In parenthesis, I put the name of the child that I sponsor there. If you wish you, you can click on that child in the side-bar, to be taken to letters from that child and more information about their project.

All, but one, of these kids are older teenagers or even older. These would be shorter sponsorships than most, if you are looking for just a few years of commitment. If you want something quite a bit longer, check out that precious 3 year old. :)

Here's this months kiddos:

Vanaessa has found a sponsor! 

Zawadi's wait for a sponsor is over! 

Judith has been sponsored! 

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