Monday, May 16, 2016

Project Director Letter: HO-352

The more letters that I read and share, the more I fall in love with them. These letters are seriously just so great. I love getting a sneak peak into the lives of my sponsored kids. It's great to hear about the activities they spend their time doing. Compassion really reaches out to these kids in fun and helpful ways.

This letter is from HO-352, which is the project that my boy Carlos attends.


Dear Kayla,

Greetings and blessings! May God Almighty pour rich and abundant blessings upon your life and your family. I'm Erika Patricia Armijo Maldonado, Project Director at Mi Esperanza Child Development Center. Thank you for sponsoring Carlos Alexander. We are part of Monte Calvario Baptist Church in El Progreso Yoro, Honduras. 

Actual Photo of HO-352 (It's huge!)

It's a blessing to show you and our other child sponsors our gratefulness for what you are doing for our boys, girls, and young people. We as a church recognize that despite the distance, our Lord Jesus Christ's love unites us. 

I would like to tell you about a boy in our center who was born with eye defects. When he came to our center at age 4, we began to investigate what we could do. The doctors said he would be blind for life, but God said differently. Currently 11, he's an honor roll student in 6th grade. He goes to all the activities in church, he's learning to play guitar, and his goal for next year is to learn to play drums. He's very good at soccer and cycling. We and his parents thank God for his life. 

It was a very special event when we helped to physically restore the heart of a girl who had been diagnosed with a heart murmur. Now she's growing very healthy, thank God, and she's also growing in a spiritual way, along with the members of her family. She is still receiving medical checkups with support from the center. Thanks to help from being sponsored she can count on receiving regular medical checkups, as well as the benefit of nutritious meals for her normal growth. 

The relationship between children and their sponsor has a great impact on their lives and their families. Letters from their sponsor motivate children to keep going to school and the center. I'm amazed by the joy the feel when they get a picture and letter from their sponsors. The children wait for it every month. This is why I encourage you to write, as it makes a big difference. 

We work with the help of God and our church so that our children can know there's a God who loves them, and who cares for their well-being spiritually, as well as for the other areas of their life. Personally, I have seen this center as a blessing. I'm motivated to keep working as a part of this center, knowing that God uses us to instruct the children and to be a part of assisting their spiritual, physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development. Seeing the change they receive from participating in the center brings us a great satisfaction. 

Thank you again for sponsoring Carlos. We ask for your continued prayers and your valuable support as we seek to guide children and young people and their families to come to Him. I especially ask for your prayers for the construction of new classrooms on the land we already have. 

We are most grateful for your support. May God bless your life and your family. 

Erika Patricia Armijo Maldonado



  1. It's neat that the project is really helping kids with medical needs. I love these letters too! And I love blogging them so I have a record of each one.

  2. Every time I see "352" I think I have a kid there, and then I have to remember that I have one at PE 352. :) I got really excited for a minute!