Thursday, May 5, 2016

Letters to My Kids: March 2016

I posted my January letter on Tuesday and today, I was all ready to post my letter from February. turns out that I didn't write at all in February.'s a short month? I forgot? Oops?

Really, I am a little surprised that I missed a month, but it's not the end of the world. I wrote in March, already twice in April and I'll write twice this month, so I'm not extremely worried about it.

Anyway, now I'll share what I wrote in March. Other people have also written about this to their children and shared the idea with me. And I passing it onto you.

Clubhouse Magazine put out a short article/story/message about God's Teen Squad (Click on the link to be taken to it). Basically, it's about how most of Jesus' disciples were teenagers or young adults. I sent to this all of my kids over the age of 12. I used the text from the magazine, but changed it up a bit, adding and subtracting my own things. Basically, I told my kids that they are never too young to follow Jesus, share about him, and lead others.

(For those curious, my younger kids got some bible verses, short info about spring, and some photos of flowers. I didn't ignore them.)

Here is the letter:


  1. What a great letter! I hope to work on letters this evening- I usually write about once a week, but haven't had the energy to since that first week the website got updated!

  2. I loved that Teen Squad devotional!! It made for such a great letter theme!!!