Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Letters (And a Photo!) from Africa Rolling In...

The new letter system on my account seems to finally be kicking into to high gear. After several weeks with very few letters, I have received two letters, so far, this month and there are seven other letters "In Transit" to me. Whoo hoo! So far, the letters I've received are from two of my African boys.

Mulwa's letter is written on the My Project Learning template. Typical fill in the blank letter for my little guy. Since Mulwa writes in English, from the time the letter showed up as "in transit" on my account to the time that it was readable, only two days had past. Gotta love that.

Mulwa is 8 years old and lives in Kenya. This letter is not dated.


1. My project's name is: KE-783

2. The number of children in my project is: 326

3. I go to my project 1 day a week. 

4. My project is 3 kilometers from my home. 

5. I get to my project: on foot

6. Some activities I do at my project are: singing religious songs, learning about God and Jesus, and playing games. 

7. My favorite activity to do at my project is: Playing soccer.

8. My favorite thing about my project workers is: They are kind to us. 

9. When I am at my project, I typically eat: Maize & beans, rice, bananas, meat, and green beans. 

Mulwa salutes you in Jesus' name. He appreciates you for your care and support in his life. He says he is still attending the project and is continuing to learn about Christ Jesus. 


Next up, a letter from Derrick. He is responding to letters that I wrote at the end of the summer and early fall. I am so excited to know that letters will be going much faster now. They are already coming faster to me. This letter was only written about 6 weeks ago! 

I wrote a letter awhile back about rules and how important they are to follow. Poor Derrick seems to think he has a lot of them. Hahaha. 

Derrick is 13 years old and lives in Uganda. This letter is dated March 29th, 2016. 


Dear Kayla, 

Kayla, I greet you. How are you? I was very happy to receive your letters. I am doing well. My parents are okay. Ricky is fine and Jackline is fine too. I was no able to see the eclipse. I loved the lunar eclipse pictures that you sent to me. I loved to see the pictures of the children at church camp too. The photos of fireworks and the United States facts were interesting also. I received all of your letters on the same day in December, last year. And in January, I got another letter, with pictures of Gage and Chloe, the children you take care of. Say hello to them. I also received your letter last month, in February. Yes, sometimes I like to follow rules. We have school rules, project rules, and even rules at home! Pray that I'll follow all the rules. Thank you for all your letters. 



Also, I FINALLY received a photo update from Taye! After waiting just shy of three years, I was emailed this photo today. Not only has Taye grown a ton since his last photo, his hair has gotten taller too! :) 


  1. Wow, Mulwa's project is jam packed with kiddos!! And that photo update is great!

    1. That isn't an unusual number, think. Projects open their doors with 150-200 kids. Then they add more every year or two so they can have kids at each age group. Older projects have between 300-500 kids. Then they have kids attend activities on different days.