Sunday, December 13, 2015

More Brilliant Artwork from Swapna

I received two letters from Swapna. These letters were written just one day apart. I sometimes wish I could be in the middle of the project life of my children, just to see what's going on. Why did Swapna write two days in a row? Does she attend the project that often in a week? Did she receive a letter from me each day and decided/had to respond? I just would love to get in on the action! :)

Both of these letters are written in beautiful, English handwriting. Of course, per usual, both of these letters included beautiful drawings. With the vibrant colors and shading, it's always just very obvious that she spends a lot of time on these drawings. I think I'm going to ask her how long it takes her to draw a picture for me.

Swapna is 18 years old and live in India.

This first letter was written on September 29th, 2015.


Dear Kayla, 

Greetings to you in the name of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for your love and care. Also, special thanks for your beautiful letter. I have completed my 1st year final exam. We started our 2nd year classes. Along with my college education, I am preparing for the job entrance exam. I got many new friends in our college. We made a plan for a family trip in the month of November. Do you make any plans for a family trip and get together? My 1st elder sister's name is Aparna and she has a son who is four years old. My 2nd eldest sister's name is Suparna and she has a daughter named Sneha, three years old. They are all keeping well. My parents are keeping well. But my maternal grandfather is not keeping well, he had a brain stroke in the month of August. Please pray for his soon recovery. I celebrated my nephew's birthday in the month of August. I enjoyed a lot on that day. We invited many relatives. We celebrated Independence Day on the 15th of August in our center. "Ha-da-da" is our national game. We also like to play cricket, football, and badminton. We find unity in diversity in our country. Some of our biggest cities are Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, etc. New Delhi is our capital. Our national fruit is mango. Here we grow rice, wheat, and jute. Our national animal is the tiger and bird is the peacock. I attended VBS in the month of May and learned a new song "Sing Gloria. I pray for you regularly. Please pray for me and write to me. 

With Thanks, Your Sponsored Child,


This next letter was written on September 30th, 2015. Like so many other of my children, Swapna is regarding the child that I paired her up with the be friends and prayer partners. Over and over, I feel like this was such a wonderful decision, to pair up the kids. They really seem to enjoy it! 


Dear Sponsor Kayla, 

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for your love and care. I'm glad to receive your letter. I am very happy to get Lina in my life. She is two years younger than me. A special thanks to you for your beautiful birthday card. The cakes are so beautiful. We also celebrated Easter in our center. We had a short prayer service and cultural program. Do you celebrate Teacher's Day in your country? We celebrated Teacher's Day on September 5th. We had a beautiful program. Our teachers cut a cake and shared among them. We gave them some gifts, also. 

Lina, I learnt a beautician course from our center. Are you learning any special things or skills? Now here, it is autumn, but the climate is very hot. I wrote my B.A 1st year exam. I am waiting for the results. Please pray for me. I also pray for you, Lina. Please write to me. 

With Thanks,



  1. what a really cool idea to pair them up...did you write about that? I'd love to know what you said to them

    1. Now that I think about it, no, I didn't write about that letter on my blog. But, pairing the kids up has had incredible results! I would say, at this point, most of my kids have at least mentioned their friend/prayer partner. A lot of my older kids, like Swapna, have included whole messages for me to pass along to their partner. Some of my younger girls have drawn pictures for their partners. It's been great!

      The letter wasn't extremely in depth. I told each child that I write to other children around the world, just like them, and that I would like to give them a special friend to pray for and get to know. I then shared some basic information about the child I was pairing them up with: Name, age, birthday, what country they live who, who they live with, grade in school, and what they enjoy doing.

      I tried to pair them up with somebody their same gender and close in age, but it didn't always work out that way.