Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Letter Stats!

This is one of my favorite blog posts to write every year, besides my Christmas name posts and my One Word post (which is coming soon). I love looking back at the past year and seeing how many letters I've gotten. I've definitely been blessed when it comes to letters this year!

Sadly, it appears that the children that wrote me 3 letters or 3 this year are the kids I've had the longest. I'm not sure what is causing the slowdown with these kids. The country of India, especially, has had a huge slowdown in letters, for me.

My best letter writer award is a tie! The award goes to Florenc and Xhuliano, who I sponsor through World Vision. They both wrote me 8 letters each.

My winner from Compassion is Jhon, who wrote me 7 letters, which is more than the "required" 6 letters that Compassion says sponsors will receive each year. 

I received 6 letters each from Celeste, Sagitaria, Kwizera, Elias, Alexander, Lina, Emanuel, Caleb, Daniel, and Ernest. 

Khushi, Wendjy, Fongwin, Nikko, Taye, Allison, Nandini, Jhonrex, and Jose each wrote me 5 letters. 

I received 4 letters each from Eric, Kalpesh, Enatenesh, Brenda, Maria, Chintada, Lazarus, Swapna, Derrick, Abbas, Faith, Mulwa, Rujikorn, and Nahomy. 

I received only 3 letters from Sadiya, Sandesh and Emanise. 

Sagar, Solomon, Brian, Carolin, Jairo, and Enmanuel each wrote me 2 letters. 

Lastly, I received just one lonely letter each from Abu, Sevenson, and Rodrigo. 

For those curious, here's a monthly breakdown: 

January: 12
February: 18
March: 28
April: 6
May: 21
June: 12
July: 20
August: 20
September: 16
October: 18
November: 19
December: 18 

In total, that's 208 letters received in 2015! Whoo hoo! 


  1. Wow!! 208 letters!! You make me want to do a post like this…maybe I'll try to get to it! I'm sorry that you've seen a decrease in letters from India. I hope that this year is a little better!

    1. 208 is an amazing number, isn't it?! And to think, I've responded to each of those! Whew!

  2. Is it correct that World Vision doesn't require the kids to write letters?

  3. As far as I know, that isn't true. If you're writing to them, they should be writing to you, at least a couple times a year. With any sponsorship organization, though, you'll have kids who won't write.

  4. As far as I know, that isn't true. If you're writing to them, they should be writing to you, at least a couple times a year. With any sponsorship organization, though, you'll have kids who won't write.

    1. Ah, so true. Seems like my Compassion kids write less and less all the time. I think my next sponsored one is going to be with WV. Seems like most everyone I know who sponsors with them is pretty happy with the experience.

    2. Just like with Compassion, I think it depends on the country that you sponsor with. My very first sponsored child, Abu, is with World Vision and is from Sierra Leone. As you can see, I only received one letter from him this year. It used to be more, but I don't think he likes to write very much.

      My two boys from Albania are fabulous letter writers and the experience with the country has been wonderful. They are quick to send photos when you send a monetary gift and my boys write all the time. I know several other people with kids in Albania and all their kids are great writers, as well!

  5. 208 letters! Whoo hoo! Kayla you are an awesome letter writer and I know you send birthday packets and extra goodies too.

    I wish we knew what is going on behind the scenes in India. I know Kalpesh would write you 24 letters per year if it was up to him. :) Pal and Abhi are far behind on their photo updates even on the two year schedule.

    I received 4 letters from Jhan in Peru. He is in an extremely remote jungle region and he gets mail two to three times per year! He gets bundles of letters from me at once.

    India letters are down : 4 letters from Abhi (two were thank yous)

    4 letters from Vikesh (two were thank yous) His project is currently on suspension. :(

    4 letters from Shilraj (two were thank yous)

    3 from Pal (one was thank you).

    Thank you for this post! :)

    1. You are so right about Kalpesh! In the past, I've received a letter or more a month from him and then they changed the policy and now he hardly writes at all. Letters do take a LONG time to get from his village to me (sometimes 4-5 months), but if he is writing often, I should still hear from him more often.

      I hope 2016 is a better year with India for both of us!

  6. Woo hoo on 208 letters - I was curious about my count so I did a rough count based on my monthly Joy Dare posts ( a couple posts didn't have actual numbers) but it's somewhere between 140-150.

  7. Not a surprise that Albania wins the letter writing contest. My Albanian girl is the best letter writer by far, with my Romanian girl not far behind. Love sponsoring from Albania!