Thursday, April 30, 2015

Family Photos (Ask for Them!)

I've posted something like this in the past, gosh, it must at least a year or more now, but I want to share it again.

When I first sponsor or get assigned a new child, I always send a simple introduction letter to them about myself, my job, my interests, etc.

Sometime later (I must admit it's been quite awhile), I write another letter sharing about my immediate family members, telling about their interests, jobs, etc. I also include family photos. In this letter, I always ask my child if they have a family photo that they can send to me. If they don't have one, I ask them to ask one of their project leaders if a photo can be taken of their family and sent to me. I never put pressure on them to send one, I just ask, and see what happens. I figure, in this situation, the worst thing they can do is say no to me.

However, several of my kids have sent me a family photo, some were sent after my letter asked them to and others were sent after a financial gift was sent to their family. All of these photos have been posted in individual posts, but I like the idea of having them all together in one post.

I hope this encourages you to ask your children for a family photo. I have several newer children that I haven't asked yet and I think it'll be nice to ask some of the kids again, since it's been awhile since their last family photo. It'd be nice to see an update.

Without further ado, family photos:

Sadiya (bottom, right) with her parents, older brothers, and younger sister.

Sagar with his lovely mama

Kwizera with his dad, holding letters that I've sent him.

Sandesh with his older sister and his grandma

Sandesh with his parents, showing off a family gift

Fongwin (white tank) with his parents and older siblings

Enantenesh with her parents and older brothers

Daniel (front, in white) with his family. So sweet!

Swapna, with her mother, with what they bought with a family gift

Elias with his mother, showing off food they bought with a family gift

Eric and his mother, with a gift I was able to send him. 

(Cheater photo) This wasn't sent to me, but I think it's a nice family photo, anyway. :) 

Now get writing and ask for those family photos!

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  1. I'm so glad you had shared this idea in the past!! I felt bad asking thinking that if they sent their only one, they'd be without. But with our technology it's so easy to scan and have copies printed!! I've even enlarged the photo for them. Thanks again for the inspiration.