Monday, April 6, 2015

Longest Waiting Indian Boys

I know that I have been sharing a lot of children that need sponsors lately, but that's the main point I want to get across in this blog. Yes, I like to share about my children and the letters that they write, but I always hope that I'm sharing the joys of sponsorship with my readers and hopefully lead them to sponsor a child themselves.

For those that have been around my blog for any period of time, you know that I have a heart for boys in India. There is just something their cute faces that I just love. I often search specifically for boys from India on the Compassion site to pray over them. This time around, I found so many boys that have been waiting around a year, some of them even longer! I've been told by a few Compassion workers that, on average, out of all of the Compassion children in all 26 countries that they work in, Indian girls are sponsored the fastest and Indian boys wait the longest. I am over the moon happy for those beautiful girls, but my heart breaks for the boys. Especially the older ones, that wait the longest out of all of them.

Today, I am going to share six Indian boys that have been waiting a long time for a sponsor. If you can end the wait for one of these boys, or know of somebody who would love to sponsor one of them, I think that would be just fabulous!

Parthiban found a sponsor! 

Sivanand has found a sponsor!

Netaji is sponsored! 

Aditya has a sponsor!

Smiley Kiran has a sponsor!

Pal has been sponsored! 

I know that I shared some heartbreaking details in this post. I did not do this to guilt you into sponsoring one of these boys. I shared these details so you will know exactly how life is for these children and their families. If anything, it's to make you aware of the real-life conditions that exist in India. Compassion is working to save children from these conditions, one child at a time. Sponsors provide the funds needed to save one of these children and give them a hope for their future. 

Can you give hope to one child today? 


  1. Hi Kayla -
    This is a wonderful post! I am Pal's brand new sponsor. I also contacted Compassion and they are putting in a request with India 868 as I haven't heard from King Tut since October 10th. I hope you have heard from Sagar. I pray for their church and project every day. Sending you a snail mail Monday. :)

    1. Kris! That's wonderful! Pal is the 2nd boy you've sponsored through my blog, isn't he? I am so happy for you! You're not the only one having problems with IN-868. In fact, every single person is. None of us have heard from our kids since October, the 10th for me as well. I put in an inquiry too. Can't wait for the mail!