Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Letter! (x3)

It's been over a week since I last posted, but that's simply because I haven't had anything to share. No letters, no photos, no updates of any kind. Did you miss me?

Well, I'm back. Today, I received 3 letters, from some of my dear boys around the world.

First up, a letter from Xhuliano. I sent my WV boys a list of questions for them to answer. Xhuliano is answering these questions. For question #5, my question was "If you had your own garden, what would plant in it?" As you're going to see, it seems there was a translation error.

Xhuliano lives in Albania and is 14 years old. His letter is not dated.


Dear My Friend Kayla,

I'm answering your questions: 

1. If one day I was invisible, I would do wonderful things in my life, those things that I adore. 

2. If I could put a new law, it would be that the rules apply in parliament. (I have no idea)

3. No, I haven't won any prizes. 

4. I discovered that you are my sponsor from World Vision. Thank you for choosing me. 

5. If I had my own kindergarten, I would collect toys for the children to entertain there. 

6. The books that I like most are with different scientists. 

I liked your questions. How are you, my friend? How is the weather? I hope that you write me soon. I close this letter.

With Love,


Onto my letter from Alexander. This letter was written by Alexander's tutor because apparently Alexander was too sick to write, but was still dictating the letter. Poor guy! I sure hope he's feeling better. 

Alexander is 14 and lives in Honduras. This letter is dated February 20th, 2015. 


How are you dear sponsor Kayla?

I hope you are in good health. I am Arnold Torres, Alexander's tutor. He did not write his letter because he was sick, but he is taking his medicine. He says he will write the next letter. He is happy to communicate with you. He says he learned to pray in the CDC and in the project he learned about thinking skills. His favorite bible story is Noah's Ark and his favorite verse is Psalm 23:1. His favorite biblical character is Jonah. What he has learned about Jesus is that He loves him and is his best friend. He says that he prays for his mom and brothers. He thanks you for the letter you sent him and his family is in good health, thank God. He says he hasn't gone to any wedding, these days. He also says that he prays for you and ask you to have him in your prayers. What season do you like most? He says goodbye with kisses. See you later. 


Lastly, a letter from Jhon. He's a chatty guy in his letters. I love that. 

Jhon is 16 years old and lives in Bolivia. He wrote this letter on February 24th, 2015. 


Hello dear sponsor Kayla,

I greet you with the peace of the Lord. It's a pleasure to write this letter. Thank you for the postcard, stickers, photos, and birthday gift. I bought a pair of shoes and a t-shirt. I didn't move to another place or to another school. (Something must have been translated wrong in my letter). My family and I are in good health. Thank you for caring for my family. I didn't have the opportunity to attend a wedding, yet. The gift I would give Jesus is to be a faithful and obedient son. On Christmas, we had a meal at midnight. We had barbecue and it was very delicious. I spent it with my family, cousins, and aunts. People also set of fireworks of all kinds. I want to tell you that classes started on February and I'm attending school. I want to share this bible verse with you, Pslam 23:1-4. I say goodbye with the peace of the Lord. May he bless you and your family.

With Affection,


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  1. I love how Jhon said the gift he'd give to Jesus would be to be obedient!! And poor Alexander! I hope it was just a quick bug. Xhuliano's answers were so fun!! And even though #5 was mistranslated, I loved his answer!!