Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Three New Teen Boys

Lately, I've noticed that the waiting list for correspondent kids from Compassion, from the day people are being put on the list to the day they receive kids, has been extremely quick. I was able to resist it for several weeks, figuring the list would fill up again and wait time would slow down, but it didn't and I could no longer resist. 

Just last week, I asked for three new teen boys and I asked for them to be from countries that I didn't already have kids from. I figured with such a specific request, I would be waiting for, at least, a few weeks. Boy was I wrong! I waited less than a week, in total, and now have three new boys in my family. Here they are: 

13 year old Hassane from Burkina Faso

He lives with his father, who works as a driver, and his mother, who sells porridge in the market. He is in charge of caring for animals, carrying water, and helping in the kitchen. Like most kids in the world, he likes playing soccer. He also likes to sing. 

14 year old Jose Armando from Mexico

He lives with his father, who works as a farmer, and his mother, who is unemployed. His chores include washing clothes, farming, and cleaning. His interests include soccer, basketball, and cars. Sounds like a typical teenage boy to me. 

17 year old Jose Romario from Peru

He lives with his father, who works as a driver, and his mother, who works as a farmer. He helps at home by making beds, carrying water, and helping in the kitchen. His interests are group games, riding a bike, and running. He sounds like a very active young man. 

I'm very excited to get to know these guys and to encourage them in those hard-to-navigate teen/young adult years. 

Also, if you're counting, I am now at 47 kids. Only 3 away from my goal of 50, total. I know that I've said it before, but 50 will be my absolute limit. I'm not going to ask for anymore for awhile, but after I reach 50, I will only add more kids as others graduate. 

Who ever would have thought I'd be so blessed to be able to care for this many kids in other countries, on top of the ones I've been entrusted with in the United States. I thank God for them everyday. 

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  1. Haha!! I went through the same struggle and finally caved and asked for more. I'm always happy to write!! Your new guys are very handsome and I'm excited for you all!