Thursday, February 12, 2015

It's Xhuliano's Turn!

Yesterday, I shared my two letters from Florenc and today, it is time to share the two letters that I received from Xhuliano.

Xhuliano is 14 years old and lives in Albania. His letters were not dated, but I think I am posting them in the correct order.


Dear friend, 

I received your letter and it pleased me so much to hear from you. Here in my country it is too cold. 

In December, we celebrate the new year with fireworks. As a traditional food, we have turkey and baklava. On November 28-29 it was the Independence Day. We celebrated this day with the Albanians of Albania and the Albanians of Kosovo. And you? How do you celebrate the Christmas and the New Year? With who do you celebrate them? I celebrate them with my family. Here in my country it is too cold. What about there where you live? How is the weather there? I wish you good luck. 



Hi my friend Kayla, 

How have you been? These days I am taking the holidays of the New Year. I will celebrate the New Year with my family. And you? How are you going to celebrate them? 

I hope you enjoyed Kristin's wedding. I liked your photos a lot. They look really nice. 

I wish to you and your family "Merry Christmas" and "Happy New Year." My birthday is on December 28th and I will celebrate it at my uncle's house. 

I'm ending this letter with so much love. 




  1. I loved reading Xhuliano's letter about holidays! It's so neat to learn more about the kids' cultures.

  2. Hey, Xhuliano shares my birthday! That's so cool!