Monday, February 2, 2015

From Kenya, With Love

Today I received three letters, all from Kenya! My two newest kiddos each sent me a first letter, after only a few weeks! I know that means their first letters were already in the system, from when they were first registered in the program, so the information is probably outdated and different, at this point, but it's still good to receive them.

First, I'll share Mulwa's first letter. He is 7 years old.


Parents: Malindo (father) & Susan (Mother)
Siblings: Esther (18), Mmkali (16), Musindo (12)
My Best Friend: Kasina (7)
I live in a: Village
Best Game: Football
Best Song: Danah na nyumba ya Israel
Best Food: Chaptai Bread & Meat Stew
Best School Subject: Kiswahili
Best Bible Story: Joseph and his brothers
Best Color: Green

Mulwa sends you Calvary greetings. He says that he is doing well together with other members of his family. He says that his parents do the work of peasant farming, though this time around they didn't get enough rain. He says that this year he is in class 1 and he is working hard to achieve his set goals. he says the he likes going to church where he is learning more about God. He wishes to have you, his sponsor, encourage him to work hard and inspire him to achieve his goals. He requested you to pray for him to have good health and continue loving God. 


Next up, Faith's first letter. She just turned 9 recently, but this letter was written when she was 8. She lists her guardian as her older brother, but her new information, that was updated in September, says her guardian is her mother. Things seem to have changed since this letter was written. 


Parents: Mwangangi (Brother)
Siblings: Brothers: Mwangangi (29), Musyimi (26), Kilonzo (10). Sisters: Kyambi (27), Sarah (24), Muti (14)
My Best Friend: Maggy (8) & Mwikali (8)
I live in a: Village
Best Game: Rope Skipping
Best Song: No One Like God
Best Food: Rice and Beans
Best School Subject: Mathematics 
Best Bible Story: David and Goliath
Best Color: Red

Faith greets you. She says that she's going on well. She has told you to pray for her. She wants to pursue well academically. 


Last up, a letter from Lazarus. It was good to hear from again. Lazarus is 20 years old. He wrote this letter on November 18th, 2014. 


Dear Kayla,

Receive much greetings from me. I hope that you are fine. With me, here in Kenya, I am fine and every my family members are also fine. How about your family members? 

At home I am going on well with my daily duties in helping my parents to look after a family cow and to clean the compound. On Sundays, I usually attend church services to praise and worship our Almighty God. 

I thank you for the letter you sent to me and I am glad to hear from you. I would like to inform you that I will join college next year to pursue a diploma in Medical Laboratory. 

I would like to share with you one of my favorite verses from the book of Jeremiah, 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you hope and a future." 

Lastly, I request you to pray for me as I also pray for you. Thank You. 

Your Loving Son, 


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  1. Lazarus writes amazing letters!! We received a few first letters from Kenya also!! I love that they share info about families, although like you pointed out, it may not always be up-to-date. I noticed my older Kenyan kids shared detailed info about their siblings, though, as in including siblings who moved out. I also noticed that your Faith likes math!! That's awesome!!