Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A New Face Joins the Family

I know that many of you have heard me talk about the Miraj Red Light District in India. If not, I'll sum it up, briefly. This district is a community in India where most of the women work as prostitutes, trapped in a life that most of them did not choose. Many of the women were sold into the district, as children, by their families. Others were kidnapped and forced into the life. Yes, some women do choose the industry because they see no other way out. Then, if they ever choose to leave, it's almost impossible. The pimps that run the district hurt women, damage households, and threaten whole families if a woman tries to leave. It's really a very hopeless situation.

Anyway, Compassion has a project in this district and the kids in the program have been immensely benefited by the program. Through sponsoring my boy Sagar through Compassion, I got connected with a church in Georgia that visits the Red Light District twice a year. They run an organization in Georgia called Mercy Project India. This organization runs two orphanages called Home for Hope, one for girls and one for boys. Through this church, I have learned so much about this district, heard stories (both positive and heartbreaking), seen pictures (both beautiful and tragic), and come to love the people in this district even more than I already did.

A woman from this church recently posted pictures of boys from Home for Hope that were needing a sponsor. I saw a picture of a specific boy and fell in love. However, as you know, I do not have any extra money to sponsor another child. I went to my mom, who I have been telling about this district for years now, and told her about this little boy. My mom has come to love this district as well, but really has no interest in sponsoring herself. But, she decided that she will be a "silent partner" in a way in this sponsorship. She will be giving me the money each month to sponsor our new sweet boy.

Meet Mahadevi:

His exact birthday is unknown, but he was born in 2004. I'm not sure what day they celebrate his birthday, but they will be sending me his information soon, so maybe I'll find out. If not, I'm going to ask him to pick a birthday that we can celebrate together. The church will be visiting the district in April, so I will get to see pictures and hear stories about him. Plus, I'll be able to send a gallon bag gift to him. I'm hoping that he'll receive a letter from me before then, so he'll know about me, but if not, he'll learn about me in April. 

I am so excited to get to write to and encourage another wonderful boy from this district! 


  1. What a handsome new family member!!! And how neat that your mum wanted to be involved also!!

  2. Kayla - That is so exciting you got your mom on board! Congrats on your new young man he has such a great smile!