Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Teenagers are Pretty Great

I received two letters today, both from some pretty great teenagers/young adults. I love the back-and-forth, pen-pal-like relationship I've developed with my teenagers. It's so great to encourage to encourage them and be encouraged by them. I am very thankful for these relationships.

First up, a letter from Lina. Lina is 15 years old and lives in Colombia. She wrote this letter on September 4th, 2014.


Dear Sponsor, 

May God bless you. Know that I am doing very well, thank God, and my family is fine. My project's name is "Lluvia de Amor" (Rain of Love) and we have many different activities there, like going to the sports field or to a pool. I attend there Wednesdays and Thursdays and I like it because I have a great time there. I have a very good tutor, his name is Jhon Deivy and we enjoy talking and having fun. He has taught me that "love is waiting." What I love about the project is when we learn "abilities for life." It is my favorite activity there and I'm learning many things that I didn't know. In the project we usually eat beans, lentils, and meat. Thank you for all your presents, for your monthly support, for your letters, and everything else. I send you Proverbs 2:6 for you to think about. I say goodbye with a big hug. 



Next up, is a letter from Wendjy. He is 19 years old and lives in Haiti. His letter is dated September 18th, 2014.


Dear Kayla,

I'm so glad to communicate with you and I'm always happy for this moment. How are you? What are your new activities for this moment? I'm doing well, thanks to God. Thanks for the letter, the photo, and the card. You asked about the weather in my country. It's very hot and it's sunny. At night it is cool. There are fruits like avocado and sugar cane. You asked me about something special when children lose their milk teeth. It is very interesting because other people and parents are glad to see that and they (***illegible word***) the children when they have lost their milk teeth and the new teeth are always nice. I passed the state exams. The school year has already begun. I started back at school since the 2nd week of September. I live with my older sister. Thanks for the card. I wrote a scripture in it to offer to someone, but I didn't find someone who is in such a situation to offer it to. Pray that card will allow me to have a good school year and pass the state exams next June, and to finish my classic school and then go to college. I want to share Colossians 3:16 with you. It says, "Do all you do for the Lord, but not for men." 



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  1. I love reading your kids' letters!! Hopefully I'll get Dafyne's letters up on my blog on a regular basis... My mum and I are working on a system. I love all that Lina shared about her project and her tutor. And I enjoyed Wendji's comment about new teeth being nice.